7 Eagles players who won't be in Philadelphia by Week 1, 2024

The clock is ticking, and we're probably watching the final snaps of several guys on the Eagles roster.

Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles
Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Obvious mentions: Shaquille Leonard & Marcus Mariota

Truly, I have never understood the buzz that came when the Eagles signed Marcus Mariota. Did any of you guys watch this guy in Atlanta with the Falcons? I'm fanatic about my Birds though, so I held out hope that he'd prove me wrong and demonstrate that there was something left. As it turns out there isn't anything there. Sometimes, it sucks to be right.

As far as the Shaquille Leonard discussion goes, the acquisition made sense at the time. Philly needed help at linebacker. It also made sense to keep him out of the Dallas Cowboys' hands if they were interested. Then, we found out Dallas may not have been interested.

Anywho, Leonard is a once-great talent who seems to be on the downward slope of what was a respectable career. He was only signed through the end of this season. No harm and no foul. It appears that he will also walk.

Another obvious mention: Rashaad Penny

The curious case of Rashaad Penny continues. We don't know why he hasn't played. We're beginning to wonder why he was even signed. This one shouldn't take long to reason through.

Let's be honest. If he can't get any snaps in an oft-times struggling rushing attack, who's going to be duped into thinking he'll be brought back to this roster next season?