A.J. Brown's impromptu media appearance pokes holes in continuing Eagles dysfunction rumors

A.J. has had about enough of the rumors about all of that Eagles 'dysfunction'.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

You can't please everyone. That's been proven time and time again. The Philadelphia Eagles know that. They play in one of the most demanding sports cities on Planet Earth. The players on the team know that. They've been forged through the fire, even the guys who haven't been here as long. Wouldn't you know it? We're once again discussing A.J. Brown.

How do we say this and do it nicely? A.J. is a great guy. That's obvious. He's also super emotional. There's nothing wrong with that. We often ask that our favorite professional athletes be more open and obliging. Brown tells it like it is, sometimes to his detriment.

That being said. Those of you who believe that's a reason to run the guy out of town could really benefit by swallowing a few chill pills. His coaches and teammates love him. In the end, that's all that matters because if you really want to know who a guy is, all you have to do is ask his teammates. The reviews on that front have been glowing.

A.J. Brown dismisses yet another rumor about dysfunction in the Eagles' locker room.

Well... well.. well... Here we go again. A.J.'s name has been attached to a story we'd rather it not be. This one started towards the end of the week. Remember that scenario where a social media post from an account that we were told A.J. wasn't using surfaced? Well, we never really got to the bottom of that, but A.J.'s account has been hacked again... maybe.

Try this one on for size.

A day later, 11 called in and spoke to 94 WIP-FM's Afternoon Show to chat with Ike Reese and Jack Fritz. Check out a few of the highlights:

On the rumors of dysfunction and the possibility that he contributes to it

"The locker room was fine. Players wasn't executing. That's what it came down to. I think the media kind of ran with the coaches...It was the players not executing.

Here's more: "You see me getting upset on the sideline and you automatically think it's about targets. No, no, what if I'm holding my players accountable? What if I'm the guy who pushes everybody in the locker room?"

"I'm the person you need on this team because I am willing to hold people accountable, make people around me better, but nobody sees that. All you see is the little flare-ups...Nobody in that building works harder than me, I can stand on that and say that."

On his relationship with Jalen Hurts:

"I think that is B.S. ... I'm not going to get into our relationship on the air... it wasn't a problem when I was on my six-game streak. They only started talking about that when we started losing."

He also adds "People asking what happened. We were never really playing like the best team in the league. We had the best record in the league, but we were scratching it out.. Later on it just was a domino effect and we couldn’t stop the bleeding.”

Let's make long stories short. The big homie wants to be here, and the Eagles need him to be here. Period... Case closed... End of sentence...

If you want to hear the full discussion, check it out below.

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