Brandon Graham gloriously trolled Cowboys fans before announcing Eagles pick

Graham couldn't help but to take a shot at Philadelphia's biggest rival.
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Any time there's an opportunity to troll the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, it must be seized, and that's exactly what Eagles veteran defensive tackle Brandon Graham did during Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft while announcing Philadelphia's second round selection.

With the microphone in front of him and millions listening to his words, Graham made sure to slip in a "Dallas sucks, all day" after a brief Eagles chant. While Cowboys fans probably didn't appreciate the jab, Eagles fans everywhere cracked a collective grin.

Well played, Brandon, well played.

Graham was ready for his moment

Graham was excited for the opportunity to announce Philadelphia's selection in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and he's also eager to provide leadership for the young players joining the team. The Eagles selected cornerbacks Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean with their first two selections in the draft.

"When they asked me, that was a bucket list opportunity right there," Graham said of announcing the pick. "I didn't even think about doing it at home until they reached out to me, so that's when I got super excited.

". . . That's going to be cool," he added. "Whoever we bring in, I will be that captain and leader for him, so that they can keep that going when I'm gone. I really want to build them up, help them to where they are trying to go."

Graham has been a culture-setter in Philadelphia for a long time now, and he still has one season in front of him before he decides to call it a career. During that time, he'll look to impart as much wisdom as possible to the likes of Mitchell, DeJean and the rest of Philadelphia's draft picks. It will then be on those guys to carry the culture forward.