Can Jalen Hurts channel his inner-Michael Jordan versus Seahawks on Monday Night Football?

Jalen Hurts is questionable for Monday Night Football. So, why is it that we're thinking about Michael Jordan?
Michael Jordan, Philadelphia Eagles
Michael Jordan, Philadelphia Eagles / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

NBA legend and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan... Philadelphia Eagles QB1 Jalen Hurts... Two dudes from two different parts of the country... Both liked baseball but were better at another game. They both reached the highest level of their respective sports.

One made his name with the Chicago Bulls and is the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball (yeah, I said it). The latter hopes to one day be as decorated as the former. Jalen has fallen ill, and for whatever reason, I thought about The G.O.A.T.

It's called the 'flu game', but if you've ever heard M.J. detail the events, you'd know he didn't even have the flu. Buckle up boys and girls. We have a story to tell. We have a parallel to draw.

Yep! You're absolutely, right. We took it there.

Jalen Hurts is questionable for Monday Night Football. All we want to know is if he has a little Jordan in him

If you're one of those sports fans who's a little older and remembers when Michael Jordan actually played basketball, you probably remember where you were for 'The Flu Game'. If you're a tad younger, here's the skinny.

It's Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Jordan falls ill. His temperature skyrockets. No problem... He plays anyway...

He dropped 38 points in 44 minutes, including a tie-breaking three-point bucket with 25 seconds remaining on the game clock. The Bulls dropped the Utah Jazz by a 90-88 final score.

Chicago takes a 3-2 lead in the series. They wins it all in Game 6. Ask Eagles legend Lane Johnson. He remembers.

Here's what's funny. We have since learned that there was no 'flu'. You see, what had happened was, one night earlier, M.J. got hungry. One of the City of Utah's pizzerias was contacted. Five shady-looking guys showed up to deliver it. Jordan ends up with food poisoning.

Coincidence? We think not. What does this have to do with Jalen Hurts you ask? Well, we're glad you asked. We said all of that to say this.

Since Philly released its Saturday afternoon injury report, we have learned that Jalen Hurts, who was listed on the said report with an 'illness', has been downgraded to questionable. He'll travel to the Pacific Northwest for Philly's game versus the Seattle Seahawks but on a separate charter. We'll see if he plays.

We don't know if he'll play. We'll assume he isn't suffering from any food poisoning, at least we hope not. All we want to know is this. Does Jalen Hurts have a Jordan-esque performance in him?

Let's hope so. The Eagles need to get back on the winning trail. This isn't Game 5 of the NBA Finals or anything, but it is pretty important. The postseason looms, and Philly would love to steady the ship.

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