C.J. Gardner-Johnson offers his apology to the faithful members of Eagles Nation

All is forgiven. We move on, and as C.J.G.J would say, "Let's go get us one"!

C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Time heals all things. Or, we hope it will anyway. We live and we learn. Or, at least we should. C.J. Gardner-Johnson's first run with the Philadelphia Eagles was emotional. We should have expected that. After all, he's emotional, but his exit was ugly. Words were exchanged on social media between him and fans.

C.J.G.J. even directed his fury in Jonathan Gannon's direction, something about the former defensive coordinator failing to put his players in a position to be successful on the biggest stage... We're translating of course.

You get the idea. We're sure you remember, but as fate would have it, the fieriest safety we have seen don an Eagles jersey since Brian Dawkins and Malcolm Jenkins patrolled the backend of the defense has come home.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson offers his apology to Eagles fans.

We all like happy endings and reunions. They give us these warm and fuzzy feelings. Regardless of how you feel about his exit or how things ended the first time he was here, you must admit. It felt damn good to see the news that C.J. was indeed coming home.

He also offered his apology

All is forgiven C.J.! We love you! Let's move on! Again... You live and you learn.

Gardner-Johnson spent the 2023 NFL season with the Detroit Lions after an exciting run with our Birds in 2022. He missed training camp time and the regular season action last year because of injuries. He missed all but three regular-season games because of said injuries, but he returned to the lineup for the postseason. He hauled in an interception but wasn't his best self.

2022's version of C.J. is what Eagles fans hope they are getting as he comes home for a second tour of duty. The last time he was here, he missed five regular-season games because of a lacerated kidney, and he still tied for the league lead in interceptions. He had six of them in 12 games.

It's too early to know where this ride will take us, but we can say with certainty that C.J. brings a nastiness and attitude that Philly's defense lacked all season. The Birds are better now than they were a few days ago. Gardner-Johnson's addition is part of the reason for that. We'll say it again. It's good to have him back.

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