Dan Patrick perfectly explained why Eagles should trade for Justin Fields

This couldn't happen... or could it?

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

One of the big storylines surrounding the NFL offseason this year was what the Chicago Bears would do with Justin Fields. The Bears own the number one pick, thanks to a trade they made with the Carolina Panthers last year, and they're expected to take Caleb Williams first overall.

What does this have to do with the Philadelphia Eagles, you ask? Well, because the Eagles have started to be discussed as a team that could make sense for Fields. Now, of course, he wouldn't be starting over Jalen Hurts but if the Eagles pulled the trigger and made this trade happen, he could serve as a reliable backup for Hurts.

This is what Dan Patrick proposed on his show on Thursday morning.

Dan Patrick says the Eagles should trade for Justin Fields in case Jalen Hurts gets injured.

Paul Pabst, one of the co-hosts on the Dan Patrick Show, brought up the good point that Hurts and Fields play similar styles and if Hurts goes down now, that's going to end the Eagles' season. Dan mentioned that 65 quarterbacks played in the NFL last year and noted that while the league is emphasizing protecting quarterbacks, that doesn't mean signal-callers still won't get hurt.

Hurts played in every game last year but the season prior he missed two games. As the show touched on, if Hurts does go down and misses an extended period of time, it's not good for their chances of being competitive. If Fields joins the fold, he can step in and serve as a better backup option than most teams have at their disposal.

It's evident that, at this point, if anyone does trade for Fields, it won't be to slot him in as a starter. Perhaps the Bears end up keeping him and have him either mentor Williams or sit behind him on the bench but if the Eagles want to add a solid backup signal caller, maybe this is a move they should entertain.