DeVonta Smith, seven other Eagles deserving game balls following Philly's victory versus Vikings

We're handing out game balls following the Eagles' second victory of 2023. Forgive us if we hand out too many.
Devonta Smith, A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
Devonta Smith, A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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When it doubt, the Eagles asked guys to make plays, and that's exactly what they wound up doing.

Was it pretty? No, it wasn't. Are we overly negative and possibly doing so much too often? There may be some truth to that as well. The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0. They racked up 430 yards of offense on 12 total drives. The defense played well despite fielding a bunch of guys that the coaching staff had no intention of playing, and in typical Philly fashion, all we're talking about is what the Birds aren't doing.

We get it. No one would deny that it's hard to ignore what you're seeing. If these types of performances are what we're going to witness during games versus better competition, this could be a campaign that has no shortage of gut-wrenching moments. Here's where we stand though. Positivity is needed, so consider this your pep talk.

We can't lose sight of the fact that this team has TWO new coordinators. It will take time to gel on both sides of the ball. We shouldn't forget that these are the reigning NFC champions.

They're going to get everyone's best shot. Couple that with injuries that have been sustained by important players. You can understand why there have been some rough edges if you do so.

But, come on guys. This team is 2-0 for the second time in as many seasons. They haven't accomplished that feat since they did so during the 1992 and 1993 seasons.