Eagles' Brotherly Shove will continue to irritate Philly's opposition this season

The most controversial play in football is back, and frankly, we're here for all of the smoke.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

After some deliberation, the gavel has met the table. The 'Brotherly Shove' isn't going anywhere. The Philadelphia Eagles' unstoppable play is back for another season.

Did you hear that? If you're unfamiliar, that's the sound of the rest of the NFL world expressing its frustration. But, hey... They don't like us, and we don't care.

Here's where we stand (because we're slightly more petty than everyone else). The Eagles often pick up three to four yards every time they run the play. If they did that for an entire drive, they'd continue to pick up first downs and move the chains. Heck, in theory, they could literally 'shove' their way down the field after the kickoff and wind up in the end zone.

We say do it!

So, picture it! The Birds take the opening kickoff in Brazil in game one of the regular season. It winds up being a touchback of course. Philly sets up shop at the 25-yard line and Brotherly Shoves its way 75 yards down the field.

Who's down?

We're kidding of course, sort of. But, seriously. We're glad the most controversial play in football is sticking around. Former Eagle and NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent said it best. “After lengthy discussions … leave it alone. The Eagles do it well.”

Banning a play because one team does it better than everyone else is asinine. What's next? Banning the slant because A.J. Brown is far too dominant when he runs that route?

The next time Philly runs its 'Shove', throw a party. Toast your friends, but since we're on the topic of controversy, here's something else to mull over.

Let's hope we don't see the Eagles run their patented quarterback sneak all that often. Jalen Hurts has some help in the backfield now.

While running a quarterback sneak when we all know that Jalen Hurts and Saquon Barkley can both squat a small garage is appetizing, we'd much rather see it called sparingly. QB1 has some help in the backfield now, three-year, $37.75 million help, and the theory, moving forward needs to be along the lines of handing the ball off to Saquon when Philly is in goal-line or short-yardage situations.

Philly's star QB continues to rewrite the NFL's record book seemingly every time he reaches the end zone as a rusher, but we have seen a hitch in his giddy-up and too many injuries. Last year, it appeared the opposition didn't fear his legs as much as they once did. Be that as it may, the threat of Hurts running truly makes him a dangerous weapon.

The punishment must be minimized. That has been obvious. Say what you will about Jalen Hurts, but in his absence, the Eagles chances of winning decrease dramatically.

They say a quarterback's best friend is a good running game. Jalen has that now. Doggone it, Philly had better use theirs.