Eagles Chairman Jeffrey Lurie explains Philly's decision to stick with Nick Sirianni

Some wanted him here. Others said the Eagles should move on. Ultimately, Philadelphia determined they'd stick with Nick Sirianni. Recently, the boss explained why they did.

Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

So, what does Nick Sirianni do again? How long is his leash? What exactly is a CEO-type head coach? Those are just three questions that have attached themselves to Nick Sirianni. Year four of his era as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach nears, and his tenure has been up for discussion.

Kudos to Howie Roseman and his staff. The new league year brought the additions of Saquon Barkley, Bryce Huff, and Devin White among others. That distracted us, rather successfully, even if Philly didn't realize that's what they were doing. But while we debate CEO coaches, Philly's CEO, Jeffrey Lurie, spoke recently. He offered a lot in a little over a half hour.

Eagles Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie discusses, among other things, the Eagles' reasoning behind keeping Nick Sirianni.

Whether you were on board with those who wanted Nick Sirianni fired or 'Team Nick' this offseason, you wouldn't have found any issues finding a few friends. Arguments could be made to support both sides, but in the end, Philly's brass and its Chairman/CEO, Jeffrey Lurie, determined they'd continue the relationship.

It seems like the right thing to do. You know... Public perception and whatnot.. After parting ways with Doug Pederson in January of 2021, less than three years after the organization won its first Super Bowl with him as head coach, moving on from Nick after three straight playoff appearances seemed like a bad PR move.

The Boss, Lurie, explained some of his reasoning recently while in attendance at the annual NFL meeting.

So, Nick is back, albeit seemingly with less power than before. Howie Roseman runs the team. New offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will implement his scheme, call the plays, and run the show on his side of the ball. Coach Sirianni has never run the show on the defensive side of the ball. Obviously, new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will have full autonomy on his side of the ball, so what will Nick's role be moving forward?

Well, he answered that, a little over a month ago. “The head coach of the football team".

While that may not answer many of your questions. Coach Sirianni, like Jeffrey Lurie, spoke with the media at the annual meeting. Check out both of those pressers below.

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