Is Kevin O'Connell-Eagles tweet serious or a troll?

This is probably nothing. Some will still panic. One thing is certain. It's certainly has us thinking.
Jeffry Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeffry Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

Two statements that seemingly contradict one another can both be accurate. The Philadelphia Eagles win a lot, a whole heck of a lot. No team in the NFL has won more regular-season games over the past two seasons. That is a fact!

Now, here's your disclaimer. They tie the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers with 25 regular-season wins apiece, so there's that. But again, no team has won more often (during the regular season). K.C. laps them if we add playoff wins though.

Here's the conflicting statement. It's also factual to state that Philly, as currently constructed, is a bad football team that's headed in the wrong direction.

Here are two more statements that you'll agree with. Again, both are factual. Again, they oppose one another. Nick Sirianni has done enough to warrant an opportunity to fix things (even if he isn't given that opportunity). We can also make successful arguments for his firing.

With that, we turn our attention to Eagles CEO/Chairman Jeffrey Lurie.

PFT Commenter tweet gets Eagles fans riled up about Kevin O'Connell.

We just can't help ourselves. We keep telling ourselves to stay off of the social media channels, and every time we do so, we log right back in to X.

The fan base is so on edge right now thateven Barstool Sports' PFT Commenter is tweeting that Jeffrey Lurie had boarded a plane. That got their collective mind reeling.

We know the source. We know to take him with several grains of salt. But ... when the real Lurie gets on a real plane, we're clearly going to lose our minds, based on the replies here.

Note: The initial tweet was erroneous in its mention of O'Connell's hometown. It was later edited to name Carlsbad, California, where he's actually from. This still, believe it or not, makes us ask a question though. How much should we pay attention to Luire's comings and goings?

Look, Jeffrey Lurie is a very wealthy man. He can board a plane whenever he feels like doing so. He can visit Kevin O'Connell if he wants (if that's indeed where he is going).

It's highly unlikely that he's asking O'Connell to step down as the Minnesota Vikings head coach and accept the same title with his organization, especially seeing as how Nick Sirianni hasn't been relieved of the title. O'Connell certainly isn't coming to Philly to be a coordinator.

You have to admit that this is slightly interesting. Then again, it may not be. Maybe we're overreaching, and this has zero bearing on anything worth mentioning. You have to understand though. Emotions are on high, and everything at this point stirs the rumor mill. It's going to be hard to sell that Philly isn't weighing its options. It's going to be equally as difficult to state every move they make won't make us ask questions.

Jeffrey Lurie has been patient at times. He has also shown impatience and has pulled the trigger quickly when he determines he wants a new coach. See? More conflicting statements that are both accurate. One thing we all know about him is he doesn't like being embarrassed.

Locker-room dissension won't be ignored. The Birds have been a dumpster fire for a month-plus. Make no mistake about it. Sirianni's job could be in question. Nick may not be on the hot seat, but he is certainly sitting on a much warmer chair than he was in October. Nothing is official though until it is, and Nick is STILL the Eagles head coach.

Discussions of a potential Eagles coaching change will continue. Thoughts and theories will become more random, but we're talking about a team that plays in a football-crazy town. If Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman make any sudden or unexpected movements, if they sneeze, people are going to start talking.

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