Eagles continue to wait as recent NFL decision leaves them in limbo

The NFL announces reinstatements, but Eagles CB Isaiah Rodgers wasn't among the players mentioned.
DeVonta Smith(L) , Isaiah Rodgers (R). Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith(L) , Isaiah Rodgers (R). Philadelphia Eagles / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

When I was a kid, I hung out at grandmom's house sometimes, and she watched soap operas. I don't remember the names of all of them, but 'General Hospital' stuck for some reason. What does that have to do with the Philadelphia Eagles? Frankly, I'm glad you asked. April 18th, I was watching the announcement of all of these reinstatements by the league, and another of those soaps crossed my mind.

I thought about the one that displayed that hourglass every time the show entered a commercial break or came back from one. That must be how Isaiah Rodgers feels.

The NFL announces reinstatements, but Eagles CB Isaiah Rodgers isn't one of them.

As you know, Isaiah Rodgers was suspended for the duration of the 2023 NFL season for gambling on games. Despite this, Philly signed him anyway on August 28, 2023 and stashed him on the roster in hopes that he's be reinstated and made available to them in 2024.

He has indeed filed for sais reinstatement, but on April 18, when league offices announced the reinstatament of linebacker Rashod Berry, defensive end Shaka Toney wide receiver Quintez Cephus, safety C.J. Moore, and defensive lineman Demetrius Taylor, Rodgers still hung in limbo.

Isaiah's case, at the time of this story being written for a later release, is under review by the NFL. He is still eligible to be reinstated before the 2024 season, but as of now, we're left to wait and wonder. That fact isn't lost on the Eagles cornerback.

Anthony DiBona provided some insight by way of X.

"I’m not saying that Isaiah Rodgers Sr. won’t eventually be reinstated by the NFL at some point this offseason. I’m simply stating that the fact he admitted to betting on his own team may complicate things. It could be why he wasn’t reinstated today and other players were. The initial suspensions were considered indefinite and didn’t include a set timeline for a return."

Rodgers is expected by many to make Philly's roster if he returns. He's a former member of the 2020 PFWA All-Rookie Team and provides value not only as a cornerback but also as a returner on special teams. Time will tell if he’s reinstated. His status for now is anything but certain.

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