Eagles are relatively healthy ahead of Week 1 game versus Patriots minus two exceptions

Two young Eagles corners are on Thursday's injury report, but there is good news. It appears that Philly is healthy.
Mario Goodrich, Philadelphia Eagles
Mario Goodrich, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

It's New England Patriots week! The Philadelphia Eagles are preparing for their first test of the regular season, a road date with one of the NFL's better-coached teams. This is the first time we'll have the opportunity to see Nick Sirianni duel with Bill Belichick. Then again, you never know. With the frequency at which things change at football's highest level, you can never take things for granted. This might be the only time they coach versus one another.

Philly is favored, but that won't mean much after kickoff. On any given Sunday, any team can win. That statement takes on new meaning in Week 1. That's where good teams are at their most vulnerable, and Belichick is still the owner of one of football's most complex minds. Thankfully the Birds are healthy.

Mario Goodrich's name is a new addition on Thursday. This is the second straight day that Josh Jobe has been mentioned. Both are recovering from illnesses.

Have you noticed? Nolan Smith is healthy as game day approaches. So are the rest of his teammates.

Two things are at play. The first is this. You can never trust a Week 1 point spread seriously. Anything can happen, especially when good teams are on the road. The second thing worth noting is this. Did you notice Nolan Smith isn't mentioned?

Fans and members of the media have been worried about the most recent NFL Draft's 30th overall selection after he left a preseason affair with an obvious shoulder injury. It looks like he'll be fine though, and that's a good thing.

Records don't matter much when facing a Bill Belichick-led team. It's good to have all hands on deck, but injuries (or in this case, illnesses) are always to be monitored. Fingers are crossed that the young corners will be okay. We'll be watching for any updates.