Eagles news: Jason Kelce dedicates some time for philanthropy

Jason Kelce throws a beach bash for charity and does so in true Jason Kelce fashion.

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

In the City of Brotherly Love, we refer to them as The Core Four, a quartet of Birds whose names are synonymous with this proud Philadelphia Eagles franchise: Jason Kelce, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, and Lane Johnson. Their places in the framework of this team's 90-year history have long been secure.

Lane is the young pup. He showed up during the Chip Kelly era. Jason, Fletch, and B.G. share a bond and are unique in that they are the only three men who have walked the planet that can say they played in the midnight green for Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, Doug Pederson, and Nick Sirianni.

Kelce has managed to do the impossible, becoming a man that can do no wrong in a town that is notoriously hard on its sports stars, but he has earned his standing. He's one of the most beloved Birds of all time. His recent charity event won't change that fact one iota.

Eagles news: Jason Kelce, Team 62, and the Eagles Autism Foundation's beach bash is a huge success.

As the final days of June trickled away, Jason, Kelce, Team 62, and the Eagles Autism Foundation hosted a Beach Bash to raise money for research and the fight against autism. Events included everything from a live taping of New Heights to a hoagie-making contest. Check out a few of the highlights.

There might only be one man that can involve a beer-chugging contest in an event to combat autism and do so free of criticism. We all know who that man is, and what's ironic about that is, once his playing days are over, he may never have to buy a beer or a meal in Philly again.

That's one of about two million reasons why we love him. Here's another. Even if you have never spoken with Jason Kelce or have met him, he makes us all feel like we have known him all of our lives.

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