Eagles legend DeSean Jackson take a playful jab at Dez Bryant on social media

Old habits seemingly die hard as Eagles legend DeSean Jackson wishes Dez Bryant a happy birthday as only a true Philly sports legend can.
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

They say 'once a Raider, always a Raider'. Well, we aren't going to say that from the Philadelphia Eagles' perspective. We've seen a few Birds that we would have rather not seen in the midnight or kelly green. See Ryan Kerrigan and Kiko Alonso for reference, but there are a few guys who are in our hearts forever.

Malcolm Jenkins began and ended his career as a member of the New Orleans Saints, but you can best believe he earned his wings. Jason Peters has no idea when he should hang it up, but yeah... he's an Eagle.

Here's another Bird for life... DeSean Jackson. He, like his former teammate LeSean McCoy, have never stopped bleeding green. Both have had their way with the Dallas Cowboys, and we know both will be watching on Sunday. D-Jax is even taking some time to troll a former Dallas star on X.

Eagles legend DeSean Jackson takes a playful jab at an old friend, former Cowboys star Dez Bryant.

We don't often wish happy birthdays to Dallas Cowboys stars on this publication, but we hope former Cowboy Dez Bryant is enjoying his day. We also hope he enjoys that 'L' his former squad takes in Week 9.

DeSean took an opportunity to offer some pleasantries on social media. Old habits seem to die hard though.

DeSean Jackson's place in the hearts of Eagles fans has long been secure. His final TD versus Dallas as a member of Philly's roster was an 81-yard bomb he caught off of the arm of Jalen Hurts.

We were already certain that he'd be watchiing Sunday's Eagles/Cowboys game. By the looks of things, he has some bragging rights on the line. You know what? That's just fine with us.

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