Eagles legend Jason Kelce may have an Emmy Award in his future

Jason Kelce's documentary is out now! We're grading this one and sharing some highlights from the premiere!

Jason Kelce, Kylie Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Kylie Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Lisa Lake/GettyImages

As lovers of this roller-coaster ride more commonly referred to as Philadelphia Eagles football, there's this unquenchable thirst to digest as much of what our Birds are doing as possible. We never miss games. We find ourselves paying attention to everything that they do off of the field, especially if those off-field activities involve some of our favorite players, like Jason Kelce. Don't look now, but we're at it again.

There we were this past Monday, still asking ourselves if New Heights recent episode featuring Jason's lovely wife, Kylie, was the best ever (those drops with Jalen Hurts and Howie Roseman were beast mode too). We were debating with some friends about how we should view Week 1's win versus the New England Patriots, and Amazon finally released its Kelce documentary, one we have been waiting on since we first heard of its existence.

Let's put it this way. Though this may seem like we're partial or suffering from being the biggest of homers, one of the most beloved Birds of all time may have an Emmy Award in his future.

Grading Jason Kelce's new documentary, checking out scenes from the premier.

If you read Inside The Iggles frequently, you have heard us say this before. Two things that are seemingly in direct opposition of one another can both be true.

Jason Kelce, one of the most revered Philadelphia sports stars of any era, is the owner of a dual personality, and he has proven this 20 times or more for about 20 different reasons.

He's a guy that each of us would enjoy partying and chugging a few beers with. He is also a loving husband and father. He's a gladiator on the gridiron who is seemingly indestructible, yet he is also the owner of a body that is beginning to fail him after years of punishment.

Jason Kelce's new doc made us laugh. It made us cry, and if you tell anyone that we did the latter, we'll kill you. Kelce is a masterpiece, one that captures everything from the NFL game-day experience and an inside look at what it's like to hang out with a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee to the daily activities of an expectant mother (his aforementioned loving wife) and a family whose matriarch and patriarch sacrificed everything to see their sons win.

Check out some of the highlights at the premiere.

Give this one five stars, two thumbs up, and all the rotten tomatoes. Run, don't walk, to see this one, and we repeat. We'll see you guys at the awards show.

Final grade - A+

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