9 Eagles who must join Philadelphia's next batch of superstars

The Eagles don't want the young men on this list to work out. These guys have to work out. There's no other alternative.
Nakobe Dean, Philadelphia Eagles
Nakobe Dean, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The interior of the Eagles defensive line is going to be phenomenal if Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter perform as they did in Georgia.

A theory that is being tossed around, and it's easy to subscribe to. It stems from the belief that the Birds, by taking Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis, can recreate some of the same chemistry that made Nakobe Dean successful. Frankly, we see no reason why this won't happen.

Jordan Davis, interior defensive lineman

Jordan Davis' first season didn't produce the statistical fireworks that some hoped for, but to diminish his performance as a rookie by talking about sack production or TFLs (tackles for loss) doesn't do him justice. Davis did a fine job in year one and needs only to continue on his current path, and he'll be fine.

Jalen Carter, interior defensive lineman

Sometimes, we can get bogged down in other Eagles-related topics and forget to talk about Jalen Carter. How about we fix that now? You're aware this is possibly the best player the 2023 NFL Draft class will produce, right?

Here's the best part. The Philadelphia Eagles landed him with the ninth overall selection. Don't worry about fears pertaining to 'bust potential'. Jalen Carter is going to be a star in the NFL for a long time.