Eagles need to avoid these draft prospects at all costs after 2024 NFL Combine

It always seems unlikely that the Eagles will draft a safety in Round 1, but we're on board with that theory this time around.
Kamren Kinchens, Philadelphia Eagles
Kamren Kinchens, Philadelphia Eagles / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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Year after year it happens. We read mock drafts. They envision the Philadelphia Eagles taking a defensive back in Round 1 to help shore up the secondary (or give Philly a young building block for its foundation). Year after year, that doesn't happen.

The Birds, more often than not, take a defensive or offensive lineman. Occasionally, they'll grab a wide receiver in Round 1 to make things interesting (shout out to Jeremy Maclin, Nelson Agholor, Jalen Reagor, and DeVonta Smith), but DBs? Yeah, that's wishful thinking.

Now, there are exceptions. They liked Jaycee Horn, Patrick Surtain, and Sauce Gardner. Heck, they even liked Kyle Hamilton. Then again, who didn't? But, when push came to shove and the Eagles were on the clock, they grabbed Jordan Davis. Hamilton landed with the Baltimore Ravens one pick later.

Now, don't read what hasn't been written. We aren't complaining about Jordan Davis' selection. The Ravens probably would have taken him had the tables turned and Philly taken Hamilton instead.

Let's make long stories short. Stop letting these mocks lie to you. The Philadelphia Eagles probably won't take a DB in Round 1, even if it seems they should. They haven't done so since 2002 when Lito Sheppard was selected, but if we're being honest, we'd be cool with that formula this year.

Two defensive backs can be placed on the list of first-round targets the Eagles should stay away from, Kamren Kinchens and Kool-Aid McKinstry.

Time flies. It wasn't that long ago that we put a bow on the most recent Super Bowl. Here we are with the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine in our rearview mirror.

Some guys shined in Indianapolis. Some guys didn't. Some guys made money, and some may have cost themselves a few coins. Kool-Aid McKinstry, Kamren Kinchens (Miami), and Spencer Rattler (South Carolina) fall in the latter category.

We've seen mocks that have connected Rattler to Philly as a late-round prospect. We won't name anyone specifically. Okay... Okay... You got us. We were one of them. We named him as a lock for the Eagles draft board after the Senior Bowl, but trust us. The theory is out there. Since we've been discussing defensive backs, let's explore the Kinchens and McKinstry angles. Let's just say we expected more than we witnessed.