Eagles offense still under fire despite recent showings of a dominant rushing attack

In 2022, the Philadelphia Eagles' offense was unstoppable. So far this season, teams have changed their strategy and the Birds will have to adjust.
Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Let's be clear here: there have only been two games played in this young NFL season. The sample size for any team is about the size of an ant. Now, one ant found in your kitchen may not be an issue but a couple of ants could be the sign of a trend and like a potential ant infestation, these nuisances need to be exterminated immediately. Fortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles have 11 days to clean up their act before their Monday night showdown in Tampa Bay.

The stats covered in this article stem from Pro Football Focus and though their grading process may not be perfect, they give great insight into what is happening on the field. Last season, Jalen Hurts was only under pressure for 29.7% of his snaps, while defenses blitzed the star QB 38.5% of the time.

Those numbers have jumped to being pressured at 39.1% as the opposition has increased their blitz snaps to 46.4% and the offense is not handling this gameplan as well as one would expect from such a highly-regarded offensive unit. Sirianni and Johnson will have to find new ways to protect the franchise QB while making teams pay for this type of relentless aggression.

The key to offensive success for the Philadelphia Eagles will rest with the offensive line... again.

During the 2022 season, the offensive line ranked first in pass blocking. They have dropped to 16th through the first two games. There is a possibility some of the elder statesmen upfront are long in the tooth leading to regression or they are working through the change from Isaac Seumalo to Cam Jurgens.

Some of the credit has to go to the defensive minds Brian Johnson has found himself up against so early in his tenure as Offensive Coordinator. Bill Belichick and Brian Flores are to be respected for their experience and expertise. Despite that respect, the Eagles' roster has been composed of much talent on the offensive side of the ball. There should be answers found quicker to the problems posed by the resistance.

The good news is the Eagles are 2-0 and regardless of the issues glaring in the faces of fans, the offense and defense are both ranked in the top 10, according to PFF. 175 yards from D'Andre Swift and the number-one ranked run-blocking offensive line are major factors in the offensive rating.

It is encouraging to see that Brian Johnson did not wait until halftime to make adjustments in the Vikings game. He turned to the run game and it worked, but this offense is at its most dangerous when AJ Brown, Devonte Smith, and Dallas Goedert are all heavily involved. Sirianni has shown a fantastic ability to self-scout and adjust in the past. That skill will be needed again to ensure a successful season capped with a strong postseason run.

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