Eagles hopefully won't see a repeat of Week 17's nightmare during 2024 regular season

We've seen this movie before, and we have zero interest in sitting through a sequel.

Sean Desai, Philadelphia Eagles
Sean Desai, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Sometimes, things don't work out as you believe they should. Andy Reid spends 14 seasons pacing the Philadelphia Eagles' sideline. His Birds qualify for five NFC Championship Game appearances. They win one of them but lose the Super Bowl. He is dismissed. He moves on to lead the Kansas City Chiefs and becomes one of the greatest coaches the game has ever seen.

In the 11 years that have followed, Big Red has landed in four Super Bowls and has won three of them. Get this... One of those wins came versus the Birds, and he won all of them by doing many of the things he was criticized for NOT doing in Philly. Ah yes... No one knows disappointment like Eagles fans.

If you need evidence of that, look no further than their last two defensive coordinators. Let's hope Sean Desai doesn't write the same story that Jonathan Gannon did.

Fingers are crossed that Sean Desai doesn't pull a Jonathan Gannon and embarrass the Eagles in his revenge game.

Two coordinators... Two separate stories... Another revenge game in the making. Our Birds had better not embarrass us during the 2024 regular season like they did last season.

We all know J.G.'s story well. He stinks it up on football's biggest stage. He's out-coached and outclassed by Andy Reid of all people. He lands a head-coaching gig, one with the Arizona Cardinals. of all teams.

Last season, Week 17 to be exact, we witnessed a nightmare. Gannon returned to Lincoln Financial Field and dragged his former team in a game Philly should have won. Don't look now, but there's a chance that history might repeat itself, sort of.

Desai's story isn't a carbon copy of Gannon's though they are similar. J.G. left the Eagles voluntarily. Desai was fired. Gannon is a head coach. Desai is not, though the latter seemingly has landed on his feet.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported on February 25th that the Los Angeles Rams are "expected to hire former Eagles DC Sean Desai in a senior defensive role, per sources.". The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Rams in a road game during the coming regular season. Let's hope we aren't treated to a sequel...

'Philly's former defensive coordinator enjoys his revenge game'. Yeah.... We saw that movie on Christmas Eve. We didn't like it. We have no desire to watch it again. Let's hope the Birds do right by us this time around. We're betting they take care of business this time. We hope.

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