Eagles reportedly pondering C.J. Gardner-Johnson's reacquisition, and that's a very bad idea

The Eagles are rumored to have interest in C.J. Gardner-Johnson again, but why?

C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

There are rumors, and there are reports that can shift a social media algorithm if enough people see them. Mention the Philadelphia Eagles and C.J. Gardner-Johnson in the same sentence, and you're highly likely to learn that latter option is more likely. Guess what? It's time to break the internet.

Sportskeeda Consulting Editor and NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline is as plugged in as they come. He reports the Birds are entertaining ideas of bringing C.J. Gardner-Johnson back into their nest.

Don't take our word for it. Take a look for yourself.

This one, admittedly, touches varying emotions. Hang in there. Let us explain.

Can we agree that reacquiring C.J. Gardner-Johnson might not be the best idea for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Here's a personal testimony. Once upon a time, I was a much younger journalist and was allowed to tag along with some friends on spring break. We went to Miami. We had a ball. There was just one issue.

We drove a relative's car. We wrecked that car, and just like that, a fantastic trip ended on a low note.

I thought about that trip when C.J. Gardner-Johnson left Philly in free agency last season. He trashed Jonathan Gannon. He trashed much of the Eagles fan base, and many of us lost a lot of respect when he did so.

C.J.'s lone season in the City of Brotherly Love was phenomenal. He tied for the league lead in interceptions (six) despite missing five regular-season games. His departure split fans and media members down the middle.

Some say Philly's decision to allow him to walk was a mistake. Others suggested he wasn't as good as his 2022 highlight reel suggested. Last season, his first with the Detroit Lions, was cut short by injury. The rest of his career certainly wasn't as impressive as his one-and-done affair in Philly.

Is C.J. talented? He most certainly is! But, for a team that seemingly has so much turmoil (even though they present a united front publicly), adding another player that sets fires everywhere he goes might not be the best option.

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