Eagles reportedly will lose one of the top aides from Howie Roseman's staff

One of the top members of the Eagles' front office is leaving the organization.

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

There are bound to be changes in a nomadic profession like pro football. They occur year after year on the roster. They occur at the top of every team's leadership structure. The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly losing one of Howie Roseman's longtime aides.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane, the Birds are losing one of their vice president/general manager's top aides, Jake Rosenburg has decided to move on.

Rosenberg has seen more than a decade of Eagles football and was promoted to vice president of football administration in 2018. He worked with Howie on player signings and acquisitions. He was also Roseman's right hand man in salary cap management, contract negotiations, compliance with the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement, and strategic planning according to PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

Jake Rosenberg explains his reasoning for leaving the Eagles.

“Over a pretty extended period of time, I have just thought to myself that if it doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards for me to advance in this league and have a chance to keep pushing and growing. That at the end of the day, (is) what is involved to do this in terms of a life perspective. It’s not going to be worth it,” Those were the words of Rosenberg to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Again, thank McLane for the quote.

Rosenberg and Roseman have been close friends since elementary school. His contract expires next month. He hopes to stay in the NFL and pursue one of his long-term goals, becoming a GM of one of the other 31 franchises.

Many members of the Eagles media have offered their thoughts.

Perhaps Howie says it best (also from McLane's piece released on March 27th):

"Over the last 12-plus years, Jake has been so important to our team and a big part of our success. More importantly, he’s a true friend who has built lifelong relationships here, throughout this league and beyond. While I hate to lose him, I wish him nothing but success going forward... I wish we could keep him, but he and I have always discussed how important it is to continue to grow and look for new challenges. He deserves the opportunity to become a free agent and whatever he decides is next, I know he’s going to be successful.”

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