Eagles rival reportedly interested in a reunion with longtime Philly nemesis

The hated Cowboys and longtime Eagles nemesis Ezekiel Elliott are reportedly pondering a reunion.

Ezekiel Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Ezekiel Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Some guys are just more irritating than others. Some names make the hair on the back of our necks stand up. Ezekiel Elliott owns one of those names for Philadelphia Eagles fans, both die-hard and casual (though there may not be many of the latter).

Two spots after Philly selected a certain redhead quarterback who shall remain nameless, Zeke could have landed anywhere but was taken fourth overall by the hated Dallas Cowboys... Bummer...

No Birds fan needs to be reminded of what he did with the star on his helmet, particularly against our Eagles. Fast forward to the present. After a year in Foxborough with the New England Patriots, he reportedly is considering a reunion.

Guess what Eagles fans? The Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott are reportedly considering a reunion.

Yep! You read that right! ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reports Zeke and that team in Texas might entertain the theory of realigning. While just saying the words out loud does evoke emotion, as we walk through 2024, that thought isn't frightening.

Sure, he's been a nemesis. Elliott met Philly 12 times as a member of the Cowboys. Dallas won nine of those games. Zeke more often than not played fairly well. He toted the rock 233 times. He stacked 1,107 yards rushing. He reached the end zone on foot six times. He even caught 49 passes and scored another touchdown as a receiver.

Here's the thing though. He'll turn 29 years old in July, and though that's young for an NFL star, playing tailback, especially with Zeke's physical style ages a man rapidly.

Elliott, formerly one of the best players at his position, is no longer the guy who terrorized Philly for seven seasons. The running back position punishes its most elite players like no other in the game. So yes, the thought of Zeke returning to his old stomping grounds is an eyebrow-raiser, but it's also something Birds fans shouldn't lose sleep over.

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