Eagles stockpile future picks and add offensive punch in Round 4 of NFL Draft

The Eagles stockpile draft picks in 2025 and add a talented tailback in Round 4.
Will Shipley, Philadelphia Eagles
Will Shipley, Philadelphia Eagles / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

After working until 2 AM EST on Thursday and Friday, it was nice to begin Saturday's action a little earlier. Work kicked off at noon. The Philadelphia Eagles began the NFL Draft's third day with seven picks. We expected a workout, and we have gotten one.

The Birds began Day 3 scheduled to make three choices in Round 4, three more in Round 5, and their final choice in Round 6. Howie Roseman went to work, stockpiling picks. Their first scheduled choice, the 120th selection, was dealt for a 2025 third-rounder. Then, they traded back again... and, then they did so again.

Pick 123 was dealt to the Houston Texans for pick 127 and a 2025 5th-round pick. They made that selection at 127 (more on that in a second), and as mentioned, they traded back again.

Picks 132 and 210 were shipped to the Detroit Lions for picks 164, 201, and a 2025 4th-round pick, so in essence, they gained extra third-, fourth- and fifth-round picks for next year. They also regained the 2025 4th-round pick back they traded last year for D'Andre Swift.

Eventually, they added a tailback, and ladies and gentlemen, it's a good one.

The Philadelphia Eagles add Will Shipley with the 27th overall selection.

One of the lesser-mentioned takes being discussed during the NFL Draft was Philly's need to consider adding a tailback. They entered the selection meeting with four. Two we knew (Kenneth Gainwell and Saquon Barkley). We're still getting to know two (Tyrion Davis-Price and Lew Nichols). No one would have complained had they added some punch, and no one is complaining now that they have added some.

Former Clemson Tigers standout Will Shipley is the choice at 127. He was a 2022 First-team All-American and First-team All-ACC nod. He adds depth and is a player who can run and catch. His talent will serve Philly well should anyone go down with an injury.

He stacked 2,748 rushing yards, 602 receiving yards, and 33 total TDs at Clemson (two receiving). He also spoke with the Philly media shortly after his selection (see below). This is a very impressive young man.

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