Eagles vs. Commanders vibe check: Washington's fans are in familiar and unhappy territory

The Commanders season has taken a turn for the worse... again, and their fans are very vocal about it on social media.
Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles' opponent in Week 8 is a familiar one; the Washington Commanders. Since their first meeting this season in Week 4, these two teams have taken some VERY different paths.

The Eagles got smacked in the mouth by the New York Jets in Week 6 but rebounded in a very big way with a dominant victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 7. The Commanders, on the other hand, were dominated by the Chicago Bears, struggled with the Atlanta Falcons, and then were ultimately humiliated by the New York Giants.

Commanders' fans are in a bad spot right now, and it's one that they're very familiar with. It's been a long time since this organization fielded a consistent winner and their supporters aren't happy about it.

Ahead of the next Eagles game, we aren't just checking the Commanders fans' vibes. We're also checking their pulse.

Let's take a look at how the Commanders fans are feeling on social media. They're coming off of a debilitating loss to a divisional opponent, so this should be tons of fun.

Buddy... It's BEEN 'Fire Ron SZN'. That being said, from a purely selfish point of view it would be great if he didn't get fired. He's been awful (which is great), and we want every other coach in the NFC East to be awful as well.

No, please @_IKENNA_ tell us how you really feel. Don't hold back on your thoughts. Also, this being a response to the injury report tweet is comedy in itself. That's like the Commanders saying, 'Hey everyone, some of the guys are having health issues' and replying "GOOD.'

Good lord, CapitalCityG is going through it. We've looked at a lot of tweets through the 'Vibe Check' series and this is the saddest one. Pure vitriol, sadness, and defeat... You absolutely love to see it.

Don't let CapitalCityG meet daddymack362. There will absolutely be a fistfight, and someone's getting bodied.

That being said, standing by your guys through thick and thin is honorable. That's called being a good fan. BUT... come on @daddymack362... setting your goals to 'We need to split games with the Giants' is unhealthy, uncouth, and brutally sad.

Lack of punctuation, check. Two words, check. Factual, check. This is the perfect tweet. When @WWE_AEW_NOTNEWS is out on the team, you know things are going bad.

There are five stages of grief. Back in 2021, Allen punched his teammate Daron Payne on the sideline during a game. That was anger, which is stage two. Now he's onto stage four which is depression. Fortunately for him, the next stage is acceptance.

The Eagles have a real opportunity to ease Commanders fans' pain in Week 8. If the game ends up being the blowout that we're hoping for, it could either lead to changes for their team, or it could just straight up put them out of their misery. Here's to hoping!

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