Eagles vs. Seahawks: 3 notable matchups to watch on Monday Night Football

Jalen Carter, the Eagles' defensive backs, and Sean Desai all have a lot on their plates in Week 15.
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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There's no end to the intriguing matchups we'll see in the Eagles vs. Seahawks game.

We have witnessed some ugly showings from the Philadelphia Eagles these past couple of weeks. Two blowout losses led to the hanging of some heads, but Week 15 has the potential to provide a bounce-back game. For that to happen, the Birds are going to have to win in some of their individual matchups. Some of which will be harder to win than others.

Yes, you're absolutely right. The Seattle Seahawks aren’t in the same class as our Eagles. That's been evidenced for four weeks. They do, however, have some guys who are dudes.

To beat teams, however, you need some of your 'dudes' to be 'the guy' at their position. That's just basic game planning. We'll see a lot of 'guys' on both sidelines on Monday Night Football. This is an intriguing game that's loaded with subplots.

The best matchups between the Seahawks and the Eagles aren't all of the 'head-to-head' variety. Some involve guys that won't even be on the same field at the same time.

Seriously, how can we talk about this game without discussing two of the NFL's top rookies. This one features two young stars in the making.