Eagles who could be next in line for extensions after DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith's deal is done. That's a relief. Here's a look at some guys who might be next in line.
Josh Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles
Josh Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

They frustrate us at times. They seemingly get our hopes up so they can let us down, but trust us on this. You can do a lot worse than being a Philadelphia Eagles fan. You could have grown up in Detroit cheering for the Lions or in Zona wearing Cardinals red.

What does that have to do with anything you ask? It's quite simple actually. We're fortunate to love a team that's one of the better-run franchises in all of pro football. There aren't many owners who are better than Jeffrey Lurie. There isn't a better vice president/general manager than Howie Roseman. Recently, they proved that again as they were ahead of the curve in signing DeVonta Smith to an extension. Dominoes are certain to fall.

Some will fall in other cities. Some will fall in Philly. Here are a few candidates for Eagles extensions.

Here are a few candidates that could be next in line for extensions from the Eagles.

At the time of this story's release, 34 Eagles on the current roster are playing on expiring or one-year contracts in 2024. The legend Brandon Graham has announced this will be his 15th and final season. Everyone else is playing for their football lives.

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Here are a handful of guys who might be in line for extensions. May they ball out this year and earn one.

Rick Lovato, long snapper

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Jon Dorenbos is an exception. Long snappers typically don't get a ton of fanfare, but when you don't hear about them that's a good thing. That means they're doing their jobs well.

Philly could give Rick Lovato one-year extensions from now until the cows come home. We'd be fine with that if they did. He's a free agent after this season but a necessary special teamer.

Josh Sweat, EDGE

News broke earlier this offseason that Philly was shopping Josh Sweat as trade bait. Smoke cleared. Dust settled. He remained a part of the roster after being convinced to take a pay cut.

That didn't change his status with the team though. He's still scheduled to explore free agency in 2025.

He isn't a shoo-in for a new deal, but a monster contract season could endear him to the brass structure. We'll see what happens. Keep an eye on him all season as everyone else will.

Britain Covey, wide receiver/punt returner

Britain Covey has placed his body on the line time and time again for the franchise... literally. We have to admit that some of those shots he took early in his career were scary. Here we sit, and he has become one of the game's better returners.

That doesn't assure him anything, but it does help his cause moving forward. Another solid season should earn him a team-friendly extension.

Devin White, linebacker

We have often discussed Philly's negligence in finding linebackers. We have also mentioned Devin White's acquisition and the disappointing end to his Tampa Bay tenure. Maybe we're jumping the gun, but we're excited about his addition.

Philly let T.J. Edwards walk, and many of us objected. That gave credence to our theories about negligence, but Saquon Barkley's addition showed us they are evolving.

Might Philly extend White if he balls out this season? We're still skeptical but not ready to rule anything out.

Braden Mann, punter

Having Braden Mann on the roster as this team's punter has truly been a reminder of just how bad Arryn Siposs could be at times. He was a breath of fresh air last season and figures to be around for a while if he duplicates his efforts from the 2023 campaign.

Fred Johnson, offensive lineman

Philly surprised some by closing last year's final roster cuts with Fred Johnson's addition to the 53-man roster. He was active for all 17 regular-season games last season and the playoff game. He wound up playing 35 offensive snaps and another 78 on special teams.

You aren't going to walk into Lincoln Financial Field and see many of his jerseys on the backs of fans (if you see any). This team's coaches love him though, so don't be shovked if he's kept over notable 2025 free agents like Le'Raven Clark and Brett Toth and is around for a while.

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