3 Eagles who will make the initial 53-man roster that don't deserve the opportunity

Tuesday, August 29th is the deadline to finalize the Eagles' initial 53-man roster. Some of the usual suspects will make the team, but so will a few players who aren't as deserving.
Boston Scott
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When the Eagles release their initial 53-man roster, expect surprises and some guys to make the team who probably aren't deserving.

Preseason games are like trailers at the movie theater. They are exciting, but the only thing that matters is the feature presentation. With the Philadelphia Eagles placing a fork in their final preseason game versus the Indianapolis Colts, fans only have the regular season to look forward to.

There is still a week between that final preseason game and game one in Foxborough versus the New England Patriots, but there is still a piece of business to be resolved. The Eagles will have to finalize their initial 53-man roster.

Training camp is over and some new guys will make the team with a chance at building their NFL careers. We will say goodbye to familiar faces, and yes, there will also be players on the roster who hung around but most certainly don't deserve the opportunity to don the midnight green this season.

This is their story. Here are a trio of Birds that will, more than likely, make the team and, therefore, occupy a roster spot that someone else is more deserving of.