3 Eagles who will make the initial 53-man roster that don't deserve the opportunity

Tuesday, August 29th is the deadline to finalize the Eagles' initial 53-man roster. Some of the usual suspects will make the team, but so will a few players who aren't as deserving.

Boston Scott
Boston Scott / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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2. Boston Scott, running back

Adding Boston Scott to this list is inviting criticism and angst from fans who adore the beloved 'Giant Killer' but it is time for the Birds to part with the five-foot-six running back's services. This is a story about opportunities and guys who may be occupying a spot on the roster that someone else is more deserving of. Is Boston talented? Indeed he is, but as is the case with Covey, it's time for Philly to move on.

It is downright hilarious to have a smaller-sized running back to torment the Giants with. The unexplainable ability he has to score multiple touchdowns every time he sees Big Blue's logo on the opposite sideline is nothing short of comical and classic television; however, unfortunately, the comedic relief provided is not enough to ignore the lack of production in other games. Maybe that's the result of a lack of opportunities, but if his coaches only trust him enough to field him in two games, why on Earth is he on the roster?

There have always been questions about his ability to be a consistent receiving threat. He is durable, but he isn't very explosive. He leaves much to be desired as a pass protector. Scott works hard, and yes, reminds some fans of Darren Sproles, but Sproles was a better receiver with better punt return skills. Boston Scott, simply, has not shown enough reason to keep him around for another season with Philadelphia.