Evidence that Jalen Hurts injury hasn't had any bearing on a sudden step forward

Jalen Hurts has been playing injured and has somehow elevated his play. How is it that he is playing his best football of the season?

Jalen Hurts
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Don't look now, but Eagles star Jalen Hurts has flipped a switch.

At the halfway point of the season, NFL teams want to understand their own identities in order to play to their strengths. Are you a first-half or second-half team? Are you a physical or a finesse team? Are you better at attacking inside the numbers or outside? There is a lot of nuance necessary in determining who you are as a team and how you should conduct yourself. It is difficult to build a completely versatile team that can win games in a myriad of ways. The Philadelphia Eagles have done just that and Jalen Hurts is the driving force behind the confidence to do so.

The Avengers were strong because their core was strong. Captain America was the leader who always knew what to do. Iron Man had the intelligence to ensure they had what they needed. Thor had the brute force required to overcome tough obstacles. Hurts is what you get when those powers combine, like in a Captain Planet episode.

Jalen Hurts has elevated his play to an MVP level again.

Entering the season, many people were wondering if Hurts could repeat last season's performance. The Eagles have been winning, but Hurts had not looked like the same quarterback who earned the number-three ranking in the Top 100. Fans know the Oklahoma alum does not make excuses, but it was easy to see the issues caused by integrating a new offensive coordinator.

Jalen Hurts only had one game with a completion percentage above 70% in his first six games. In his last two performances, he completed 74% and 76% of his passes, with nearly 600 total passing yards. His touchdown to interception ratio improved from 7-7 in the first six games to 6-1 in the last two. Hurts looks as comfortable as ever in this Brian Johnson-led offense and he has shown that on game day.