Grading every pick the Eagles made in the 2024 NFL Draft

With another NFL Draft in the books, we take a moment to welcome some of the newest Eagles.
Quinyon Mitchell, Philadelphia Eagles
Quinyon Mitchell, Philadelphia Eagles / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed like it took forever for the 2024 NFL Draft to arrive, and now, it's over. Bummer... We were really starting to get into it, but that's okay. The Philadelphia Eagles have added some ballers, and we say farewell to Detroit while smiling.

The highlights are obviously Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean. Less than two weeks ago, it didn't always seem like landing either of those guys was an option. Here we sit, less than two weeks later, and both of these young Birds are now members of the nest. The secondary's future looks more secure now.

In total, nine new Birds were added. Let's take a closer look at some extraordinary young men. So what if the grades are way too early? We'll take every opportunity and use every excuse to talk about this Eagles draft class.

Here's a look at the Philadelphia Eagles' 2024 draft class (and final grades for each selection).

The consensus has been the Eagles put a bow on another fine draft class. Three days of work added future cornerstones and helped Philly stockpile picks for 2025.

The 2024 NFL Draft, as always, covered three days. Maybe we're football junkies. Maybe we're out of our minds, but don't be upset if we say we're so pumped that we wish a game was to be played tomorrow.

Quinyon Mitchell. cornerback, Toledo (Round 1, Pick 22)

We knew we might be in for something special when we saw the Eagles top two cornerbacks on night one with the 22nd overall selection. We don't care where he played his college ball. Quinyon MItchell is a stud, and he gets to learn from some experienced veterans.

Final Grade: A+

Cooper DeJean, defensive back, Iowa (Round 2, Pick 40)

The Eagles were scheduled to make the 50th and 53rd selections in Round 2. They elected instead to package them along with another and move up to the 40th.

18 picks after taking one of the 2024 draft class's top two defensive backs, they landed the other elite prospect. If you aren't stoked about the Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean additons, you haven't been paying attention, but you're in for nice surprises.

Final grade: A+

Jalyx Hunt, EDGE, Houston Christian (Round 3, Pick 94)

If memory serves us correctly, earning a C in school meant something was 'average'. Jalyx Hunt isn't average. He has a lot of raw ability, but he is a project, albeit a project that Vic Fangio wanted to teach.

We believe this move will pay off for the Eagles in the long run, but right now, using a third-round choice on him feels like a reach, even if it's only a slight reach.

Final grade: C

Will Shipley, RB, Clemson (Round 4, Pick 127)

Will Shipley has collected 31 rushing TDs since 2021. That ranks fifth among Power Five tailbacks. Named a First-team All-American and a First-team All-ACC nod in 2022, he adds some punch to a running back room that already includes Saquon Barkley and Kenneth Gainwell.

This isn't a bad choice at all for a fourth-round selection as he is also a great receiver. There are always concerns about injuries, and if anything happens to the veterans, he can step in and provide quality snaps immediately.

Grade: A

Ainais Smith, WR, Texas A&M (Round 5, Pick 152

This is about as dangerous a weapon as you can get in Round 5. Ainias Smith is a dangerous playmaker with the ball in his hands. He's quicker than fast (he ran a 4.54-second 40-yard dash), but despite only standing at five-foot-nine and tipping the scales at 191 pounds, he has no issues with playing in the middle of the field and traveling into traffic.

He's an excellent option for the slot. He also gives Philly another option as a special teams ace. He averaged 14.3 yards per punt return and 14.7 yards per kick return in 2023. The Birds have found another competitor.

Grade: B+

Jeremiah Trotter Jr., linebacker, Clemson

Regardless of how this ends up, if we're being honest, we have ALL thought about how much we would like to see this happen. We have debated whether or not he'd be as good as his father was. We watched fans express their desire that Philly draft him at the end of Round 3, and in Round 4, and in Round 5.

Finally, it happened. The Birds selected Jeremiah Trotter Jr. in Round 5 with pick 155. Preconceived theories and other prospects be damned. This pick alone will send Eagles fans to bed with a smile on Saturday night. The questions now are all important. The first is simple.

Can he play?

Grade: B+ (We got the guy we wanted later than we thought we'd get him).

Trevor Keegan, guard, Michigan (Round 5, Pick 172)

The Wolverines haven't had to worry about the left guard position for a while as Trevor Keegan has been the starter there for the past three seasons. He has been a reliable road grader in the ground game, but as he transitions from the NCAA level to the NFL, he could benefit by improving as a pass protector.

That's okay. You may have heard. The Eagles have a pretty good O-line coach.

Grade: B-

Johnny Wilson, wide receiver, Florida State (Round 6, Pick 185)

The ball wasn't thrown in Johnny Wilson's direction often in 2023. When it was, there were times when he suffered from a case of stone hands. Still, he had stacked 39 receptions for 596 yards and two touchdowns when the curtain fell on the Seminoles' season.

Some graded him as a mid-rounder. Philly, as you know, landed him in Round 6. Maybe that means he's a possible steal. Some even compared him to former NFL wideout Kelvin Benjamin. We have another question.

At six-foot-six and 235 pounds, what are the possibilities of him moving to tight end?

Grade: C

Dylan McMahon, offensive line, NC State (Round 6, Pick 190)

Dylan McMahon is a work in progress. Some say he's someone who will begin his career as a backup before developing into a starter.

For the most part he was impressive last season, but he struggled versus the best competition NC State faced, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. He spent most of his NCAA career as a guard, but he has been projected as an NFL center. We'll see what type of magic Jeff Stoutland works here.

Grade: C

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