History suggests the Eagles might benefit from a 2024 opponent's tough stretch

The Browns are set up for failure when they come to town in October if history is on the Eagles' side.
Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles
Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

There is always going to be something to complain about when it comes to the NFL schedule. This year we fussed about the Philadelphia Eagles having to sacrifice a home game to play in Brazil. Last season, we complained of a gauntlet, and in 2022, there was the stretch of games from Week 14 to 16 where they had to play three consecutive road games. 

Luckily for us, this year, the Eagles get a scheduling break. It's actually better than it sounds. They get Cleveland on the third leg of a road trip.

The Eagles will have a disgusting advantage over the Browns in Week 6 of the 2024 season

When the Eagles and Browns meet at Lincoln Financial Field in Week 6, Cleveland will have already played two consecutive road games. Over time, whenever a team has hit the road for three straight, those teams are 81-130 historically, meaning they win only that third game 38.4% of the time.

The Eagles saw a similar scheduling disadvantage in 2022. Gardner Minshew led the Birds onto the field versus the Dallas Cowboys. That was the third contest of a three-game road trip. Philly's fans didn't get the result they were looking for. The Eagles lost 40-34 and ruined the holiday for everyone.

Last year, there were four similar instances of the same scenario. The only team that won their game was the New York Giants. They beat the Washington Commanders at FedEx Field.

The point here is that no NFL schedule is easy. Three consecutive road games make any team's challenge more intense. This season, four teams will be forced to play three consecutive road games: the Buffalo Bills (Week 4 through 6), The Chicago Bears (Week 13 through 15), the Minnesota Vikings (Week 10 through 12), and the Cleveland Browns (Week 4 through 6).

The Browns visit the Eagles in Week 6. Philly will also be fresh off a Week 5 bye. That's a huge stroke of luck for our Birds but an atrocity for Cleveland.

Love or hate him, Nick Sirianni has never lost after a bye as a head coach. Sure, we're discussing a small sample size, but he is 3-0. This is a doomsday scenario for the fellas from Cleveland. You truly love to see it.

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