Jalen Hurts ranks historically elite, with or without the Brotherly Shove's success rate

Numbers don't lie. Jalen Hurts is even better than we give him credit for being.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

A second overtime win in 2023 is in the books, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the owners of a 10-1 record. It’s truly unbelievable. What’s more unbelievable is the rate at which Philly successfully converts The Brotherly Shove/Tush Push, an unstoppable play that the Birds began running at a higher rate in 2022-now, and quarterback Jalen Hurts' overall record as a starter. He has won 33 of 45 games as Philly's starter and owns a record of 24-2 during the regular season since 2022.

That’s OTHERWORLDLY. That just doesn’t happen.

Jalen Hurts is walking in rarified air with that being said, and by rarified air, we’re talking about joining QBs like Tom Brady and Jim McMahon. 

The 29-game stretch that this post refers to goes back to the end of the 2021 season. This team has grown by leaps and bounds since losing that Wild Card Game in Tampa, Florida, so as we dig into a few stats here, we'll concentrate on the past two seasons.

Jalen Hurts' regular-season statistics since the dawn of the 2022 season are historically elite.

Jalen Hurts has thrown the ball 818 times during his past 26 regular-season starts. 548 of those passes have resulted in completions. That's a completion percentage of 66.99% for you math geniuses out there.

During his career, he’s thrown the ball 1398 times in regular season games. That makes him ineligible based on Pro Football Reference's minimum requirements to be listed on their completion percentage leaderboard of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Just in case you're wondering, Jalen would be ranked fourth if he was eligible.

Passer rating is a statistic. There seemingly aren't many people walking the planet who really understand how it’s calculated. It is, however, understood that higher numbers indicate that the owner is doing a good job at something. That part we have figured out.

Jalen Hurts' passer rating during the Brotherly Shove era is 98.2 (averaged by his 101.5 rating in 2022 and his 94.9 rating in 2023, (if that’s how we're supposed to average this out that is). Again, he doesn’t qualify for PFR's leaderboard because he hasn’t reached the minimum requirement of attempts, but if that were thrown out, and he was included, he would land eighth on the leaderboard.

Simply put, this guy is bananas. 

Now let’s talk rushing touchdowns. Cam Newton owns the NFL record (75). He was in the NFL for 11 seasons (2011-2021). During these past two seasons, Jalen has rushed for 24 touchdowns. He’s on pace to score 17 rushing touchdowns this season. 

Normally, the “on pace” thing when it comes to stats is a dumb way of looking at how a season will pan out. Still, with the extraordinary success rate of the Brotherly Shove, it's extraordinarily fair to assume that number will also stay extraordinarily consistent. Here's what we're saying. It’s extraordinary.

Jalen could be on pace to break Newton’s rushing TD record sometime during the 2025 or 2026 NFL season. In other words, he would break the record in the first five years of his career. 

All of these numbers are nice and all, but it’s what the numbers don’t show that make Hurts great as well. He’s unflappable. He's tough, and he’s a leader. Most of all, he doesn’t lose, and that, when the smoke clears and dust settles, is the most important aspect of all of this.

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