NFL draft video shows a new victim succumbing to Howie Roseman's trade mastery

Finding clips like this one always places a smile on our faces. You absolutely have to love Howie Roseman.
Adam Peters, Philadelphia Eagles news
Adam Peters, Philadelphia Eagles news / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Most of what we have witnessed from Howie Roseman and what we have learned about him has come from watching from a distance. He seems like a cool dude. Philadelphia Eagles fans have questioned his decision-making process occasionally, but he always seems to learn from his mistakes. That might be one of his endearing qualities.

His approval rating these days? It's soaring. Well, it's soaring in the City of Brotherly Love at least. Since he's settled in and found his groove, we have heard rumors. Unnamed NFL GMs disapprove of how much burn he's been getting.

Don't get us wrong. We get it. He's been voted NFL Executive of the Year twice by the Pro Football Writers of America. Watching him fleece the Indianapolis Colts during the Carson Wentz trade did it for us. That was the day we asked ourselves a question. How on Planet Earth does this guy still trick people into taking his calls?

Recently, we stumbled across something, some behind-the-scenes access of the NFL Draft. This one is certain to place a smile on your face.

Watch Eagles GM Howie Roseman make Commanders GM Adam Peters another victim of his ingenuity.

No one works the phones like Philly's vice president and general manager. We have known that for a while, but some behind-the-scenes access pulled the curtain back recently (and, gave credence to our 'these rival GMs have to be sick of Howie Roseman' theory).

This one ought to place a smile on your face.

Adam Peters has been the Washington Commanders' general manager all of about five minutes. He's working his first NFL Draft here, and it appears he has already had enough of the guy in Philly.

We're teasing of course (sort of). As mentioned earlier, we don't have the privilege of hanging out with Howie daily, but in a high-pressure profession like running an NFL team, It appears we may have been right. Howie feels like he's one of those guys whose company you enjoy more when he's on your side.

Don't worry Mr. Peters! As a division rival, one with a funny nickname, it only gets worse from here. Get used to looking up at the Eagles for the next few years.

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