NFL Playoff Bracket if the season ended after Week 15

Here's an updated look at the NFL Playoff picture (and a glimpse of what the Wild Card Round's games would be if the postseason began today).

Brock Purdy, Philadelphia Eagles
Brock Purdy, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Another week of NFL action is in the books. Another level of intrigue has been added. The Philadelphia Eagles losing streak continues. We're a little bummed out about that latter statement. Three games remain though. Hopefully, they finish strong.

The emotional health of an entire fan base, the one belonging to the Birds, needs a much-needed shot in the arm. With that, we take a break to do what we'll be doing from now until we reach the postseason. Yep! We're discussing the NFL Playoffs.

AFC Playoff Picture:

15 weeks of football are in the books, and everyone has played 14 games. Here are the seven teams that would make the playoffs had the season ended after the Eagles' prime-time loss on Monday Night Football.

1st Place: Baltimore Ravens (11-3, first-round bye)
2nd Place: Miami Dolphins (10-4)
3rd Place: Kansas City Chiefs (9-5)
4th Place: Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6)
5th Place: Cleveland Browns (9-5)
6th Place: Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6)
7th Place: Indianapolis Colts (8-6)

If the playoffs started this weekend. The first-place Ravens would have the week off. Here's what your first set of games in the Wild Card Round would be.

  • Colts (7) at Dolphins
  • Steelers (6) at Chiefs (3)
  • Browns (5) at Jags (4)

NFC Playoff Picture:

1st Place: San Francisco 49ers (11-3, first-round bye)
2nd Place: Dallas Cowboys (10-4)
3rd Place: Detroit Lions (10-4)
4th Place: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-7)
5th Place: Philadelphia Eagles (10-4)
6th Place: Minnesota Vikings (7-7)
7th Place: Los Angeles Rams (7-7)

Here's what your Wild Card Round would look like. The 49ers would have the week off thanks to their first-place seed.

  • Rams (7) at Cowboys 2)
  • Vikings (6) at Lions (3)
  • Eagles (5) at Bucs (4)