NFL standings ordered by points per game: Eagles land among pro football's top five

Sure, improvements could be made, but the Eagles land among the NFL's top five teams when we measure average points per game. We won't complain.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The 'middle of the pack' tier

There aren't a ton of surprises here. This tier has it all:

There's stability (Baltimore). There are great offensive minds in the head coaches chair (Indy, Los Angeles, Denver, and Green Bay). There are also budding stars at QB (Jordan Love, Anthony Richardson), We even have MVP-level talent (Lamar Jackson).

14. Indianapolis Colts - 24.3
13. Los Angeles Rams - 24.5
12. Baltimore Ravens - 24.8
10. Green Bay Packers - 25.0
10. Denver Broncos - 25.0

With that we move on to teams that are averaging more than 25 points per contest.

The 'over 25 club'

9. Kansas City Chiefs - 25.3
8. Detroit Lions - 26.5
7. L.A. Chargers - 27.5
6. Seattle Seahawks -27.8
5. Philadelphia Eagles - 29.5
4. Dallas Cowboys - 31.0
3. San Francisco 49ers - 31.3
2. Buffalo Bills - 34.8
1. Miami Dolphins - 37.5

As is the case with some of the other tiers, it's hard to find a ton of surprises here. There are teams who are capable of playing at elite levels like the Eagles, Niners, and Chiefs. There are high-powered offenses and elite coaching minds, and here's something else that's important.

All of the mentioned teams on our 'over 25 club' have found and identified their franchise quarterbacks. We can argue over whether or not Geno Smith qualifies for that sort of mention, but hey... You get the idea.

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