Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts offer glowing endorsements of Eagles WR Quez Watkins

Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles
Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

It was the best of times. it was the worst of times... How long has it been since you were in school, enjoying a life minus bills, and studying a little Charles Dickens? Well, it has been a minute for our staff, but recently, we came across that phrase, and believe it or not, thoughts transitioned to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Quez Watkins. One of the most memorable phrases from a literary classic, A Tale of Two Cities, seemingly describes Fast Batman's third NFL season accurately.

Time flies, doesn't it? Quez is now in his fourth professional season, one that doubles as a contract year, and the only remaining member of a trio of wide receivers the Birds drafted in 2020 (Jalen Reagor and John Hightower were the other two) is sitting on a much warmer seat than he was last season. He'll be the first to admit though.

Something tells us that Quez will be fine, that a disappointing run will fuel him. During a sit-down with the media ahead of Philly's final OTA session before breaking for the summer, we weren't three minutes into the discussion before the head coach gave Number 16 the seal of approval.

"You know a lot of guys are standing out to me... I have no problem singling one guy out that I think (has) just done a phenomenal job this offseason, Quez Watkins. You know, I think I love his attitude. And, I've said this to him, and I have no problem saying it here."

Nick Sirianni, June 8th at Eagles OTAs

Before continuing, we are reintroduced to classic Nick Sirianni magic. He begins to speak as though he's Quez Watkins while simultaneously interjecting his own thoughts...

"'Oh, you guys, some people around here..' And, it's not in this building. We got a ton of confidence in here in Quez Watkins, but I kind of sense from him, he's never said this, but I kind of sense 'Oh, some people think I stink? Wait! ... (Just) wait!' And, that's how he's attacked every day. That's how he's attacked practices, and I really think that he looks really good. We know he's got a lot of talent, and I'm excited about that. I really like the way that he (has gone) about his business because he can't control anything but what he can control. He can't control what other people think about him. He can't control anything like that. He can't control things that may have happened to him last year, the opportunities that he got last year. All he can control is how he works, and I'm really excited about how he's (gone) about his business."

Nick Sirianni

We couldn't agree more coach!

Quez Watkins enters a contract season feeling the pressure, but don't give up on the Eagles' Fast Batman yet.

Last year, the best of times for Quez Watkins included being on the receiving end of a touchdown bomb from Jalen Hurts in the home opener, one that was played in prime time on Monday Night Football. He was also one of the heroes of a road win in Indianapolis. His touchdown reception and Jake Elliott's extra point trimmed a ten-point Colts lead to three points as Philly rallied to victory.

You can't mention his 2022-2023 season without mentioning the low points though. There was the fumble at home versus the Washington Commanders. There was a drop in the Super Bowl. Both came in prime-time settings as well. Mark our words. He will learn from those moments and improve.

Perhaps QB1 of the Eagles says it best:

"Quez has been doing a really god job. He's been playing a number of different positions. He's been doing a really good job at them. Quez is a guy that I came in with. I worked out with him before we both got drafted here. We tore it up on the scout team our rookie year. I have all the trust in him, and he's hungry. He's hungry, and he's used everything as fuel, and I'm glad he's taken that approach. I'm excited to see the show he puts on this year."

Jalen Hurts at Eagles OTAs

Much was expected of Quez Watkins during the most recent Philadelphia Eagles regular season. Sure, we witnessed was a mixed bag, but we haven't given up on him. You shouldn't give up on him either.

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