Philadelphia Eagles who are already turning heads at OTAs

As we close another week, here is a look back at several guys who stood out at the first open Eagles OTA practice.
Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles are hard at work at OTAs. Three of their scheduled six days of action are in the books with May 28th, 30th, and 31st sessions still to come. Media was allowed access to Wednesday's practice, and they'll be allowed to attend another next week. The first mandatory minicamp of Nick Sirianni's coaching tenure comes after and runs June 4-6.

Guys were absent on Wednesday. No worries... OTA attendance is optional. Jake Elliott sat out. So did Josh Sweat, Kelee Ringo, Lane Johnson, DeVonta Smith, and Josh Sweat. That's okay. Plenty of guys attended who were worth discussing, and discuss we shall.

Here are a few of the many Eagles that stood out at the May 22nd OTA practice. There are others, but this list should give yo plenty to talk about.

Mekhi Becton and Fred Johnson, offensive tackles

We know there are no pads and everything, but on Wednesday, during seven-on-seven drills, Mekhi Becton lined up at the starting right tackle spot in place of Lane Johnson. Fred Johnson took the field as the backup left tackle. Raise your hand if you're like us and find interest in discussing the O-line's depth chart. We sure as heck do!

Becton turns heads just by walking onto the field. He's a massive six-foot-seven and 342 pounds. He's also a former 11th overall selection. These two seem like they have a leg up to make the roster, and that shouldn't shock anyone.

Kenny Pickett, quarterback

Kenny Pickett looks good He looks a lot better than Marcus Mariota did! Thank heaven for that, right? One of his best throws on Wednesday included a toss for about 15 yards downfield to Albert Okwuegbunam.

Let's get something out of the way though and do so early. Let's not start the 'Kenny Pickett is pushing Jalen Hurts agenda'. That's our only request. No, seriously. We're begging you.

Parris Campbell, wide receiver

Following DeVante Parker's unexpected retirement, the door opens a little wider for Parris Campbell. Sure, DeVonta Smith was absent, and that led to more reps. Still, Campbell saw a lot of targets from Jalen Hurts on Wednesday and made some nice catches. He seems to already have QB1's trust, but again, this is a seven-on-seven drill in May.

Devin White and Zack Baun, linebackers

Neither of these next nuggets is worth readjusting stock options, but they are certainly worth mentioning. Zack Baun lined up as one of the starters next to Devin White on Wednesday. Mr. White came up with a nice pass breakup while in coverage on a wheel route that Saquon Barkley was running.

It's seven-on-seven. There is no contact, and no one is wearing pads. That should still get everyone's attention though.

Isaiah Rodgers and Avonte Maddox, cornerbacks

With James Bradberry M.I.A., Darius Slay, Isaiah Rodgers, and Avonte Maddox took the field as starting cornerbacks on Wednesday. Rodgers broke up a pass to Dallas Goedert, and Maddox also took some snaps at safety.

Don't put too much into the Maddox thing. Guys will line up in different spots all spring and summer.

Eagles who made impressions for the wrong reasons

Tyrion Davis-Price - fumbled in a non-contact practice
Will Shipley - tripped after making a catch in the flat (again in a non-contact practice)
Jacob Harris - had a nice opportunity to make an impression but dropped a lot of downfield targets

Worth mentioning: Might the Eagles explore the option of adding another receiver?

Believe it or not, the earlier-mentioned DeVante Parker retirement also opens a hole in the wide receiver rotation. With DeVonta Smith missing Wednesday's OTA practice, Mekhi Garner lined up with the starters while Parris Campbell lined up in the slot. That alone should tell you that there are issues.

As good as Philly is at wide receiver with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith on the field, this offense changes in a hurry if one pf them or both of them gets injured. The Birds have a lot of bodies on the current roster at the position, but they also have no real answers.

John Ross was signed, and that is interesting for several reasons. Still, one could make the argument that the Eagles' third wide receiver is someone who isn't on the roster yet.

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