3 spicy trades Eagles should offer for Jonathan Taylor

Acquiring Jonathan Taylor would be a monumental move for the Eagles en route to another Super Bowl run
Philadelphia Eagles, Jonathan Taylor
Philadelphia Eagles, Jonathan Taylor / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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It's not like the Philadelphia Eagles need Jonathan Taylor, but imagine the possibilities. That offense would be even more explosive, with a big play threatening on every down and from multiple avenues.

it sounds crazy, but it's certainly a possibility now that the Indianapolis Colts have given Taylor the opportunity to seek a trade. Just a few weeks ago, Jim Irsay sounded as though he would never allow such a thing to happen.

But now, the tables have turned and Indy is ready to say goodbye. So, with that in mind, we ask: what would it take for Philly to land Taylor?

In an offseason where the Eagles have already signed Rashaad Penny, traded for D'Andre Swift and shown confidence in Kenneth Gainwell, why would they add in another back? Short answer: the Eagles love their running backs, and everybody loves winning. So, what would a trade look like? Let's try a few.

Trade Number 1: The Eagles trade their likely no. 1 back in a deal for Jonathan Taylor

Taylor Trade 1

In this first deal, the Eagles would trade the guy who is looking like the first man up within their running back rotation, Kenneth Gainwell. He wasn't every fan's original pick to lead the way, but that's the way it's shaping up to be.

Gainwell, along with a second and fifth rounder in 2024 would be the package, here. Would it be enough? If not, the Eagles could try one of these other options.