Plans for replacing Nakobe Dean headline top statements made by Eagles assistant Sean Desai during recent presser

Sean Desai spoke with select members of the Philadelphia media on Tuesday and offered some interesting nuggets related to the Eagles plans for Week 2's game versus the Vikings.

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So, how are we doing? Are those brains on overload yet? Are you still talking about that awkward-looking Philadelphia Eagles win, or have we moved on? Are you in the camp screaming 'a win is a win', or are you worried about what you have seen? Here's a big one. This almost has to be asked...

What's your confidence level with the Eagles assistants? Do we still believe in offensive coordinator Brian Johnson and defensive coordinator Sean Desai even if we have lost faith in the special teams coordinator Michael Clay? It was only Week 1, and several NFL teams had rough starts. At least Philly came out of their battle with a win!

Here's the thing. There's no time to sit and sulk over what could have been or fear what comes next. There's already another game to play. This one doubles as Philly's home opener, a Thursday night affair versus the Minnesota Vikings.

Eagles coordinators Brian Johnson and Sean Desai spoke with the media on Tuesday and shared a few theories that fans will want to hear.

Since Sunday, fans and the media have debated whether or not we should subscribe to recency bias and have mentioned the importance of making adjustments ahead of Thursday night's affair. On Tuesday, Eagles D.C. Sean Desai, was one of three of the more-talked-about Eagles that were made available to the media. Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, and QB1 Jalen Hurts were the other two.

Desai, as always, was open and candid. Here are some of the highlights of what was said during the discussion.

Sean Desai on Jordan Davis' performance

"I thought he did a good job. He was physical at times. For us and really for everybody on defense right now, it's just about building consistency, rep in and rep out and being as dominant as we want to be in all of our matchups. I thought he had a good job, had a good start. There are still things (that) we have to improve, not just with him but with really everybody, but I thought he came out and did a good job and tried to be physical consistently. "

On managing so many Week 1 injuries including Nakobe Dean's foot issue...

"We'll go with some of the guys we (have) up, and we feel really good about them. A lot of them, like you guys have asked all camp you know, we have been rotating guys and putting guys in different spots, and that's part of the reason (why). That's part of the NFL season. Guys get injured, and so you (have) to have plans in place... "

Sean Desai on the discussion about who will wear the green dot in place of Nakobe Dean this Thursday.

"We're going through that here in these next couple of days. We had a good plan in the game too where Christian Elliss (took on that role), and we have some other guys that will be able to do that and so I think, in these last couple of days, we'll keep messing with those kind of combinations because the biggest thing is making sure the guy that has it, one, he and I have a rapport of how he hears the call and what I'm saying and tips I'm giving on the headset and him being able to communicate that clearly, in terms of huddle call, to the rest of the guys."

Shortly after mentioning Elliss, he mentioned Reed Blankenship as another possibile defensive signal-caller. Reed wore the green dot during a two-minute situation on Sunday in Week 1.

Sean Desai discusses his confidence level in Josh Jobe if James Bradberry doesn't clear concussion protocol and play in Week 2. Jobe was one of four undrafted rookies that made the Eagles' initial 53-man roster last season. Reed, Britain Covey, and Josh Sills were the other three.

There should be minimal worry about the secondary in the upcoming game. Jobe just needs more time to get his legs under him, but while he may not be at Bradberry's ;eve; yet, he should be up for the challenge come Thursday.

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