Predicting NFC East standings and the records for every Eagles divisional rival

We have the Eagles winning the NFC East, Here's what we expect from the rest of Philly's rivals.
Dak Prescott, Philadelphia Eagles
Dak Prescott, Philadelphia Eagles / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

They're four of the most popular franchises in all of team sports: the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Washington Commanders. They play in four of our great nation's great cities, and who cares if the Commanders shot themselves in the foot for a decade? They're a money machine like their NFC East rivals.

This collective, though never officially, has been called everything from the Money Division to the NFC Least. Whether they're winning or losing, these four teams are always huge discussion points.

Recently, the race for the crown has been a two-team race. That's probably how things will shake out this season as well, but just for kicks let's make some predictions about standings and the overall record.

Philadelphia Eagles - 13-4, NFC East Champions

The losses: Cincinnati, Baltimore, Washington (at FedEx Field), Dallas (at home)

We have long believed that the Eagles are the best team in this division. Heck, we thought they were the best team last season, but that won't be remembered because of the collapse.

We'd like to believe they righted the ship though. The camaraderie already seems to be better than it has been in a while. The coordinators are better than the guys we saw last season.

The early bye is troubling, but this team has great players ate every position, and the new guys they added will make huge contributions.

Our prediction? Philly takes the division by at least two games.

Dallas Cowboys - 11-6, Wild Card team and a 1st-round playoff exit

The losses - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Detroit, San Francisco, Philadelphia (in Arlington), Houston

If this is what 'all-in' looks like for Dallas, we hope they go 'all-in' every season. Ezekiel Elliott? Are you serious?

Yeah, he has done Philly several disservices in the past. He has also been battered through the years, and there isn't much left to be excited about.

Say what you will about Dak Prescott. He's still 9-4 as a starter versus the Eagles, and the Cowboys are better with him than without him.

The Birds haven't beaten the Cowboys in Arlington since 2017. Here's a bold prediction. They finally break that jinx in 2024, but this time, they find a way to lose the home game at The Linc. Philly will however benefit from not having to play San Fran and Detroit like their rivals from Texas will have to do.

Washington Commanders - 8-9

The losses: Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Arizona, Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia (at The Linc), Dallas (sweep)

The Commanders might be on an upswing. The only thing needed for that to happen was for Daniel Snyder to leave, but the roster and coaching haul do help. The Commanders needed a QB, and they settled on one of the best the NFL Draft had to offer.

This squad is still at least two years away from challenging anyone. They'll be competitive. They'll even sneak up on some teams, but we won't have to worry about the Washington coup. The free agents they added are too old (Zach Ertz, Bobby Wagner), and the young guys aren't ready to challenge anyone yet.

New York Giants - 7-10

The losses: Philadelphia (sweep), Dallas (sweep), Washington (sweep), Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore,

Thank goodness that we play the NFC South this season. That might be the best way to describe how Giants fans are feeling. Things will get off to a good start thanks to a home win versus the Minnesota Vikings, but things will go off of the rails quickly as something tells us eight straight losses will follow.

We believe the Giants will sweep the NFC South. We truly do, but we also expect they'll be swept by the AFC North and their NFC East rivals. We tried to find another win between Week 2 and their bye in Week 11. We only settled on a road victory versus Carolina in Week 10.

This will be another long season for Big Blue's fans, but that's okay with us. Cue another early draft selection.

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