Pro Football Hall of Fame honors Eagles, Rams legend Dick Vermeil at halftime of Week 5 game

Dick Vermeil left his stamp on the Eagles and Rams organizations, and at halftime of Sunday's game, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will honor him.
Dick Vermeil, Philadelphia Eagles
Dick Vermeil, Philadelphia Eagles / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Some guys, despite the path that their NFL career may have taken them, will always be remembered as Philadelphia Eagles. Brian Dawkins comes to mind. So does the late, great Reggie White. Here's another name, Dick Vermeil.

Having served as head coach for BOTH the Eagles and what was then the Saint Louis Rams, Vermeil's career speaks for itself. He has been immortalized by Walt Disney's Invincible (2006) and the 2021 biopic American Underdog. He was played by Greg Kinnear and Dennis Quaid in those films.

The Birds meet the Los Angeles Rams in Week 5 of the NFL season. What better time to recognize a legend?

Eagles legend Dick Vermeil will receive his Pro Football of Fame ring at halftime of Philly's game versus the Rams.

This one should make most of us smile, and if we're being honest, it's probably going to make Dick Vermeil cry. At halftime of the Eagles/Rams game, Dick Vermeil was honored and received his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring.

It doesn't get much better than that. Talk about 'storybook'.

Vermeil spent seven seasons in the City of Brotherly Love as Eagles head coach. He crafted a 54-47 regular-season record. He won three of seven postseason games and led Philly to Super Bowl XV.

With the Rams, three NFL seasons led to a 22-26 win-loss total, but he was a perfect 3-0 during the postseason and won Super Bowl XXXIV. He also won 44 of 80 games in five seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Check out some of the ceremony.

It's your day Coach Vermeil! We're hoping that you enjoy it!

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