Ranking the 5 EDGE splash signings the Eagles must pursue in free agency

Long story short, the Eagles have some money to throw around this offseason, and we'd like to see them spend some on an edge rusher.
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We've said this time and time again. The following statement needs to be repeated however for the sake of argument. The NFL is a simple game if you avoid the temptation to complicate things. Let's discuss roster-building. The Philadelphia Eagles don't have this problem, but step number one for every professional football team is finding a franchise quarterback.

Step number one may provide some difficulty for some franchises, but once you have your guy, it's best to move forward and never look back. Steps number two and three are also easy.

Find five guys to protect your QB. Then, find guys to make life miserable for the quarterbacks calling the offensive signals for the opposing teams. Focus on pass rushers who play in the trenches. Here's a story about the latter bunch.

The Eagles' pass rush took a step backward in 2023 after setting a franchise record for sacks in 2022. There were days when our Birds looked like they needed another bye week. Over The Cap, at the time this story was released, says Philly has $20,284,984 in cap space. We'd like to see a major move with some of those coins. An edge rusher would be ideal. Let's rank and discuss potential splash moves.

5. Chase Young, San Francisco 49ers

Chase Young has missed a ton of time during his career because of injury-related issues. It's hard to deny he's a special talent when he is available though.

The San Francisco 49ers struck a deal with the Washington Commanders to land him. They have yet to sign him to an extension though, so his tenure there appears to be a rental. He won't be as expensive a signing as the other guys on this list, but he could be worth adding if the decision is to use him in a rotational role.

Here are a few guys we like slightly better though.