Ranking the Eagles most important needs ahead of 2024 offseason

The Philadelphia Eagles have a few key needs to address before the 2024 regular season.
New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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If there was one word to describe this season for the Philadelphia Eagles, a few immediately come to mind. Disappointing. Rocky. Confusing. Worrisome. That just about sums things up, right?

These types of seasons can have a significant impact, though. They remove rose-colored glasses. They enlighten organizations on what they have to improve on and what the tough questions are that must be answered.

The Eagles are no different. As a result, there are several areas where they must improve during the coming 2024 offseason. Let's rank their biggest needs

#4: The Eagles must retool their coaching staff.

Is the Eagles' biggest need necessarily a position group? Based on this current season, that may not be the case, as so much of Philadelphia's issues can be traced back to the coaching staff.

The team has gone through two different defensive play-callers in Sean Desai and Matt Patricia. Regardless of who has been calling the defense, Philadelphia has consistently been torched in the passing game; the Eagles have let up the fifth-most passing yards and second-most passing touchdowns in all of the NFL this season.

Things have not been ideal on the offensive side of the ball, either. Even with a star quarterback, argubaly the best offensive line in the league, and weapons most offenses would dream of, the Eagles have struggled.

The play-calling has been lackluster and stale, causing opposing teams to anticipate what the Eagles are planning to run. They also do not use their personnel in the best manner, avoiding the RPOs, downhill running, and MOF passes that worked so well in 2022.

As a result, most of the offense has been predicated on star quarterback Jalen Hurts making plays and creating positive yardage, and to his credit, he has done a pretty good job at it.

For the Eagles to get back to solidifed contender status, they need to address the coaching issues that popped up this season. They most likely need to find a new defensive coordinator and staff, while also finding a way to improve the offense's creativity.