Rashaad Penny is confident sketchy injury history won't dictate his 2023 Eagles story

Rashaad Penny will be asked to contribute to the Eagles offense immediately. He has battled injuries in the past but expects to be healthier for the coming season.
Kennedy Brooks, D'Andre Swift, Rashaad Penny, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Kennedy Brooks, D'Andre Swift, Rashaad Penny, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Another Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice is in the books. Our Birds honored our service members on Sunday which, alone, is a reason to stand up and cheer, but we were treated to a few treats following practice. Rashaad Penny, Zech McPhearson, Josh Sweat, and Jordan Davis spent a few moments with the media.

We have discussed Penny often and will continue to do so for obvious reasons. He's expected to help Philly in short-yardage situations (so we don't have to watch Jalen Hurts take a pounding as a scrambler). He's expected to help fill the void left by 2022 Pro Bowler Miles Sanders' departure. He left to join the Carolina Panthers during free agency. There's just one issue.

Penny is phenomenal when on the field but is also known to get hurt a lot. He hasn't played a full season during his NFL career. He hasn't played in any regular-season game since last October, and he also has never played more than 14 games (that hasn't happened since last October).

In response to all of that, Number 23 had this to say during what turned out to be just under six minutes with select members of the Philly media:

"I feel great. I feel Ted (Rath, VP of Player Performance) and everybody from the top floor to the strength coaches do an amazing job just staying on us about our conditioning, about our weight... I think me playing lighter gives me a better chance to play all 17 games (and) even 21... I'm excited for this new opportunity. "

Penny says he's trimmed down from 237 pounds to 230 and is looking to get his weight down to about 225. He's taking his health seriously. He loves how his ankles and knees are feeling and is excited about the coming campaign.

"First and foremost, I think Seattle (did an) amazing job with me. It was just unfortunate (how things ended). Here, they just really care about players health. I think I could play 20 more years here just because (of) how well they take care of you and what they do in the off-days, how they structure their days just to get ready to prepare for the next day. I think every day I've been fresh since camp started. I know it started a week ago, but every day I just always felt better and better and just always felt lighter. So, I really give credit to these guys. They're really an A-plus organization (in) the way they take care of their guys."

The word that keeps coming to our mind is culture. Can you think of any that are better than the one we see at the NovaCare Complex? The answer to that question is no by the way. You may find one that is just as good, but you won't find one that is better.

Rashaad Penny is a phenomenal tailback who will contribute mightily to the Eagles offense and do so immediately.

Much has been made about Penny's lack of targets and receptions during his career. Let's clear this up once and for all. Not being asked to do something is not the same as not knowing how to do something. Sure, he's getting used to playing in an offense that lines its QB the gun more than it asks him to line up under center, but If the ball takes flight and is thrown in Number 23's direction, he will haul it in, and good things are going to happen when he gets out in space.

This might be the most talented member of Philly's running back room. Boston Scott, Kennedy Brooks, Kenneth Gainwell, and D'Andre Swift can ball too, so hearing Penny might be even more ferocious should put a smile on your face, send a chill down your spine, or both.

The first carry given to an Eagles running back during the first training camp practice was handed off to Rashaad Penny. That doesn't mean he'll start come Week 1 of the regular season. That doesn't mean he'll get the bulk of the carries once games begin counting against the win-loss total, but make no mistake. That does mean this coaching staff likes him. We do too.

With Philadelphia's committee system, you may not want to draft an Eagles running back on your Fantasy team. They probably won't get in enough work for you. Based on the knowledge that the Birds have, at times, employed a revolving door at tailback, you might want to ignore the temptation to purchase a D'Andre Swift or Rashaad Penny jersey seeing as how they could go 'one and done' with the Eagles this season. Here's where you're safe though.

Bank on Rashaad Penny and D'Andre Swift enjoying great years in this system. As Penny states. "this system is designed for running backs to excel". This guy wasn't a first-round draft choice at the running back position for nothing, and if you're one of those people that still live in the land of skepticism, you're about to be taught a very valuable lesson in quality running back play, one you will most certainly enjoy learning.

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