Reasons for optimism and confidence in the Eagles cornerbacks ahead of Philly's 2023 season

There is talent everywhere on the Eagles' defense, but the cornerbacks may have the most impact on Philadelphia's success.
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
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The Eagles defense faces a tough test all season. Pay close attention to Philly's secondary.

As is the case with every other NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles defense is an intertwined collective that is stacked at every level. One unit's success precipitates the subsequent success of another. The defensive line is the engine. The rest of the defense functions how they function.
The linebackers are the clean-up crew. They make tackles that often result from the opportunities created by the trench warriors.

Here's the thing. The efforts of a dominant defensive line and adequate linebacker play are often wasted if the secondary doesn't hold up its end of the bargain. Yes, Philly's secondary needs to be at its best again this season. That is critical for the success of the 2023 Eagles.

The secondary is the last line of defense in Sean Desai's scheme. Led by defensive backs coach D.K. McDonald, their performance will help tell the tale. Their play will decide whether each game leads to positive outcomes and determine wins or losses. Here are the reasons why they might be the most important cog in the defensive machine more often than not.