Recent betting odds rank Eagles as second most likely NFL team to win Super Bowl LVIII

Recent betting odds give the Philadelphia Eagles the second-highest chance of reaching Super Bowl LVIII and winning it all.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Summer is truly in full swing now, and if you're like the rest of us, you're having tons of fun. July 4th is in our rearview mirror. The sting of February's Super Bowl loss still weighs heavy on the minds of Philadelphia Eagles fans, but for the most part, we aren't as down as we were when it happened. The 76ers are still a mess. So are the Flyers, but the Phillies are playing better ball and giving us some hope. Welcome to life as a Philly sports fan.

Navigating July's waters means it's much too early to make predictions about what we'll see during the NFL's regular season, but who are we kidding? This is Eagles Nation, and the Birds are the defending NFC East Champions. Who hasn't made game-by-game predictions or come up with some Super Bowl odds? You can best believe we have, and it looks like our friends in Las Vegas have already begun.

Recently, BetSided, FanSided's home for all things related to sports wagering, released Super Bowl odds for every NFL team at the start of training camp. Again, it's only July, but Birds fans will be encouraged by what was said.

The Eagles are currently ranked second, behind the Kansas City Chiefs, as the NFL team with the highest odds of reaching and winning Super Bowl LVIII.

Currently, the Philadelphia Eagles have odds of +800 which ranks them second behind the current defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. Something tells us that K.C. will be an annual championship contender for as long as Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are around.

Time will tell if the NIck Sirianni/Jalen Hurts era will enjoy similar success. Following last year's run to the big game on football's grandest stage, Philly appears to be in good hands, especially seeing as how they are home to one of the NFL's top front offices, one led by executive vice president/general manager Howie Roseman.

Rounding out the top five are the Buffalo Bills (+900), the San Francisco 49ers .... or Forty-Whiners (+1000), and the Cincinnati Bengals (+1100). The Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and Jacksonville Jaguars finish just outside the top five and make up the latter half of the top ten. For those who are interested, the New York Giants land in the 'quarterback questions' tier with odds of +6500. The Washington Commanders are named in the 'longshots' tier with equal odds (+6500).

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