Recently signed Eagles that Philadelphia may move on from at the preseason's end

We have only seen one game, but we have learned a lot. As the Philadelphia Eagles continue to evaluate their roster, some of the new guys still have much to prove.
Greedy Williams, Philadelphia Eagles
Greedy Williams, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

There are truly no days off in the NFL. If the Philadelphia Eagles aren't practicing, they're participating in a walkthrough. If the players are off, the coaches are probably at the Novacare Complex and strategizing (and Jalen Hurts is more than likely somewhere hitting the weights). This past week, Philly practiced from Tuesday to Thursday before traveling on Friday and playing the Baltimore Ravens in their first preseason game on Saturday. They then headed home to get ready for another busy week. The Cleveland Browns are in Philly for joint practices.

Buckle up. Things are going to get more hectic as we move on.

We're at the midpoint of August. The Eagles host Cleveland for two joint practices on Monday and Tuesday. Both teams meet on Thursday, August 17th at Lincoln Financial Field to play a preseason game. Philly's final preseason game comes one week later on August 24th. That one doubles as a home date versus Shane Steichen and the Indianapolis Colts. Some of the new guys, both young and old, are running out of opportunities to prove they belong.

Here are a handful of Eagles that are in danger of inching closer to 'bubble' status.

It's known as 'the bubble', a football limbo of sorts. Every year, when roster discussions begin centering on who should make the 53-man roster and who shouldn't, no player wants to hear that their name and 'the bubble' intertwine.

Don't look now, but five of the newer Eagles seem to be headed in the wrong direction. Don't kick them off the team yet, but if you're beginning to feel like they have one foot in and one foot out, trust us. You aren't the only person that feels that way.

1. Greedy Williams, cornerback

Greedy Williams, Philadelphia Eagles
Greedy Williams, Philadelphia Eagles / Christi Johnson/Special to The Times

This may sound crass. Truly we hope that it doesn't, but the Browns need solid play at the cornerback position, especially in a division that features a Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and a lot of good wide receivers.

With that being said, maybe Philly should have been concerned when they gave up on Greedy Williams. Don't get us wrong. There's nothing wrong with the signing, but he isn't making much happen with his new opportunity. One can also make the argument that he may be staring up the depth chart at other guys that may not make the team either.

2. Kentavius Street, defensive lineman

Kentavius Street, Philadelphia Eagles
Kentavius Street, Philadelphia Eagles / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kentavius Street is a defensive lineman that has some talent, but in a crowded room, he could fall victim to the numbers game, unless, of course, he begins to turn the corner and turn heads. We're still waiting for a few 'wow' moments, and it's beginning to feel like we aren't going to see any.

3. Dennis Kelly, offensive lineman

Dennis Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles
Dennis Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Eagles seem to have found something in Tyler Steen. He has shown competancy as an interior offensive lineman and as a tackle. The question is this. If he continues to show and prove, is there a need to keep Dennis Kelly?

The latter has some ability. We have even mentioned him as a possible reserve swing tackle. Don't be shocked if Kelly makes this roster, but don't be shocked if he doesn't.

4. Kyron Johnson, linebacker

Kyron Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Kyron Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Kyron Johnson was the first of two sixth-round choices the Eagles acquired during the 2022 NFL Draft. Grant Calcaterra was the other. Both are sitting on much warmer seats than they were a few months ago.

Kyron is one of the low men on the totem pole at the linebacker position. Let's put things this way. There are a couple of guys that won't make the roster who are better players. You guys can argue among yourselves over who deserves to be on that list.

5. Kennedy Brooks, running back

Kennedy Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles
Kennedy Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to training camp, it felt like Kennedy Brooks' ceiling teetered somewhere around earning a spot on the practice squad. Following Philadelphia's preseason game versus the Ravens, one where Brooks had a lackluster showing and coughed up a fumble, we aren't even sure if that's the case anymore.

Stay tuned. It's early, and there is still time for some of these guys to make their marks. Time is ticking though, and it's running out.

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