Reminders of why Eagles fans will always despise all things Washington Commanders

The disdain towards the Commanders from Eagles fans doesn't quite match the hatred we house for the Giants or the Cowboys, but it's pretty close if we're being honest.
Ron Rivera, Eagles news
Ron Rivera, Eagles news / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The hour approaches. Week 8's game nears. There's a feeling of irritation that we just can't ignore. We would rather not use words like 'hate', but yeah... Hate works. This It isn't the same level of disdain that we house for the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, but as lovers of Philadelphia Eagles football, we have absolutely no issue with telling you that we DESPISE the Washington Commanders.

We love their coach. Ron Rivera. He'll always have a special place in our hearts. After all, once you're an Eagle, you're always an Eagle... for the most part. Jason Babin isn't an Eagle, but you get the idea.

Rivera is cool. We try not to like Terry McLaurin, but we low-key do (and we respect his game). Throw those two out, and we hate everything else about the Commanders organization.

We absolutely despise their team colors. We hate that dump they call a football stadium. We hate everything from Joe Theismann and Sammy Baugh to Kirk Cousins, Mark Rypien, and Jason Campbell.

Real talk... We won't even watch Monday Night Countdown because Robert Griffin III is one of the hosts. No, we'll never hate the Commanders as much as we hate the Cowboys or the Giants, but we hate them all the same.

We hated seeing Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson suit up for an enemy. We loved every second of the Body Bag Game, those of us who saw it, but we still hate Joe Gibbs, even now.

The Eagles and Commanders renew their feud in Week 8.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders have met 177 times to play a football game. The Birds have taken three of the last four meetings, but their rivals from our nation's capital, or Landover (whatever) lead the overall series by an 89-83-5 margin. That's thanks in part to a five-game losing streak that Philly endured from December of 2014 to December of 2016.

The Birds are road favorites. We expect them to win. We expect them to beat up Sam Howell in the process. Heck... Hasn't everybody else?

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