Several Dolphins stars are reportedly ecstatic that Vic Fangio has left Miami to join Eagles

Let's just say some of the Dolphins contingent won't be sending Vic Fangio any Christmas cards.
Vic Fangio, Philadelphia Eagles
Vic Fangio, Philadelphia Eagles / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time, a wise man made a statement that stuck with me forever. I can't remember the man's name or the first time I heard it, but you get the idea. Stay with me. I'm going somewhere. I'm even going to give this a Philadelphia Eagles-centered angle. You guys are going to love this. I promise.

Let this one sink in. 'A man's opinion is only as valuable as his knowledge of a particular subject'. That stings right? Think about it. Why would we debate whether Eagles legend Eric Allen was a better cover guy than some of the other greats who played his position at the same time he did? All we'd have to do is ask the wide receivers they covered and the guys that coached them correct?

What are we saying here? We can't let the opinions of a few Miami Dolphins create our opinions of Vic Fangio, but we won't lie. What they have to say is interesting.

A handful of Dolphins stars are ecstatic that Vic Fangio has left Miami to join the Eagles as Philly's defensive coordinator.

Sometimes, when trying to gauge how we should evaluate new talent on a roster, it's commonplace to interview former coaches and teammates. Something hit us recently. If that should work for the 'goose (players), it should also work the gander (coaches).

We were curious about how Eagles players might perceive Fangio's well-known old-school coaching style, so we won't lie. We watched a little Hard Knocks: In Season With the Miami Dolphins and we searched for the opinions of Dolphins players after his exit.

When you have a moment, check out Cayden Steele's drop on, one referencing several Dolphins' glee over Vic Fangio's departure. Buckle up. You may not like some of the feedback.

Here's NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus' take.

Some of you old-school cats are probably struggling with this. No one likes accountability, right? Hey, it is what it is. Younger players love player-friendly coaches. Few enjoy personal accountability.

You're probably also well aware that there are several defensive stars on the Eagles roster who have proven themselves to be a tad sensitive. We won't name any names. You probably already know who we're discussing, We'll let you argue among yourselves about who those guys are.

Here's where we'll end this. It's going to be interesting to see how Fangio's somewhat gruff approach blends with the current Philly culture. What can we say here? You can't make everyone happy, but one thing is certain. Change is needed in Philadelphia.

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