Subplots surrounding an otherwise meaningless Eagles versus Colts preseason finale

  • The Eagles and Colts always seem to cross paths on the NFL's winding road.
  • They have again given us much to talk about.
  • Many of the more intriguing stories have nothing to do with the game.
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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There's a buzz building in the City of Brotherly Love, and it stems from the desire to see Jonathan Taylor in an Eagles jersey.

Our friend John McMullen calls it 'the big-name trap'. Often, when an NFL star becomes disgruntled with his current team, lines are drawn that connect dots attached to that player and the Philadelphia Eagles. Much of what we have seen recently is familiar.

Whenever those moments occur and rumors begin swirling, the Eagles are mentioned as a possible landing spot for the named player. Debate then begins about whether or not his addition would be a great idea. Often, it isn't, and these discussions lead to nothing. This time, however, there is also some added complexity.

With Jonathan Taylor visiting Philly this week during the Colts' recent trip to the Novacare Complex, as you might imagine, there's a buzz growing... again. Just turn on trusted media markets, and you're certain to hear Taylor's name at some point.

If we were to make educated guesses, we'd state the Eagles are content with what they already have in their running back room, and if resources were to be exhausted to bolster the roster, they'd be better spent on the defensive side of the ball. You never know what these general managers are thinking though.